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The Senate of Poland approved the law on the demolition of monuments to Soviet soldiers

The Senate of Poland adopted amendments to the law on decommunization, which will allow demolishing 500 monuments to Soviet soldiers throughout the country.

The adopted amendments imply the creation of legal mechanisms that "will allow to remove from the public space the names and structures that propagate the totalitarian system," RIA Novosti reports.

About 500 monuments in Poland will be dismantled after consultation with the National Memory Institute. The law on decommunization adopted recently in the country will not concern only monuments located in the cemetery and not on public display.

Recall, despite the warnings of the Russian ambassador, the Polish Sejm supported the demolition of monuments to the soldiers of the Red Army. The Russian Foreign Ministry accused the Sejm of "a special blasphemy."

A source: LOOK

Author: Dmitry Zubarev

Tags: Poland, Laws, Monuments

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