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09.06.2016 - 15: 28

The Serbian Orthodox Church has refused to participate in the Pan-Orthodox Council

The Serbian Orthodox Church has addressed to the head of the Constantinople Orthodox Church (KPC), which lamented the fact that "having difficulty" to participate in the Pan-Orthodox Council, and asks to postpone it for a while.

«Мы вынуждены с сожалением, но в то же время с чувством своей пастырской и церковной ответственности, оповестить Ваше дорогое и уважаемое святейшество и Ваш Святой и Священный синод, что так как все обстоит, наша Церковь чувствует затруднение участвовать в созванном Святом и Великом Соборе и предлагает отложить его на некоторое время, чтобы наше скорое собрание на Крите рассматривалось как предсоборное межправославное совещание с целью дополнительное подготовки Собора и проработки с целью улучшения его текстов или, в большей степени, начальной фазой всего соборного процесса, который необходимо завершить в продолжении, в следующей фазе, после того, как будут устранены разногласия и будут достигнуты единомыслие и консенсус Церквей», – цитирует РИА «Новости» текст заявления пресс-службы Сербской церкви.

The reason for this decision was, in particular, the non-participation of the Bulgarian and Antiochian churches, as well as a number of shortcomings in the conciliar documents.

On the eve of the newspaper LOOK in detail informed about the reasons for which the Pan-Orthodox Council was in jeopardy.

At the same time on Wednesday the head of the Synodal Department of the Moscow Patriarchate Department for Church and Society Relations with the media, said Vladimir Legoyda that matters-Orthodox cathedral on Crete, which is scheduled for the second half of June, you can still decide the time for the removal of obstacles there.

On Tuesday, the chairman of the Department for External Church Relations Metropolitan Hilarion told the day before that the cathedral in Crete will not have the status of All-Orthodox, if it will not engage all the local Orthodox Churches, and its decisions are illegitimate and non-binding.

Prior to this, the Church of Antioch refused to participate in the Pan-Orthodox Council. Following anti-Orthodox Cathedral of ROCOR Archbishop spoke. In addition, in June 3 Bulgarian Orthodox Church has refused to participate in the Pan-Orthodox Council, which will take place on the island of Crete 16-26 June on a number of "serious reasons".

Pan-Orthodox Council scheduled to be held on the Greek island of Crete 16-26 of June.

Practical work on the preparation of the Pan-Orthodox Cathedral conducted intermittently since September 1961 years. This event can be a historic one for the entire Orthodox world. At the Pan-Orthodox Council must arrive at 24 bishop from each of the Orthodox Churches.

Local or autocephalous Orthodox Churches - independent of each other, but linked by a single communion - in the world there are 15: Constantinople (Turkey), Alexandria (Egypt), Antioch (Syria), Jerusalem, Georgian, Serbian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Cyprus, of Greece (Greece), the Polish Orthodox church, and the church of the Czech lands and Slovakia, and in America. Of these, the largest - the Russian Orthodox Church - brings together no less than 50 million.

Last recognized ROC Pan-Orthodox Council was held in the eighth century.

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