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Network Islam: how Europe is becoming a "caliphate"

European mediaaktivisty found in Europe for more than 180 Islamist organizations. Under the guise of non-governmental human rights organizations are promoting the idea of ​​creating a global "caliphate" and fighting with opponents of the Islamization of Europe. And they do it with the money of European taxpayers and the Middle East.

Photo Shoot: islamism-map.com

Since 2010, when the main funding began, Islamist organizations have received more than $ 300 million. Most of the organizations are affiliated with the international Muslim Brotherhood, which is banned in Russia. This movement has one and the same goal with other organizations "Al-Qaeda" and "Islamic State" banned in Russia - the creation of a global caliphate. But only now acts by other methods, without violence, which brings Islamists much more points in conquering Europe. Today, the Brotherhood of Muslims has the most extensive network of quite legal organizations in the Old World, while maintaining close ties with the Salafis and Jihadists, which makes them even more dangerous than the militant radicals.

"Caliphate" - one method - other

"They organize the European Muslims, they speak for them, they represent them and are their loudest voice today, like it to European Muslims themselves," EADaily told the activists of the Islamic map project, which record Islamist organizations and track their activities. The largest number of movements of Islamists found in the UK - 84. Following are Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and France. According to Islamic map activists, the lion's share of Islamist organizations is created and controlled by an international party with the Egyptian roots of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas and the Turkish State Department for Religious Affairs, known as Dayanet.

"Most politicians are duped by duplicity, which is used by the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists. They do not declare their real goals for the European public. Therefore, we are trying to show their tactics and links with extremists, "activists say. According to them, the fight against Islamophobia is the main business model of Islamist organizations. Under it, they receive the lion's share of official financing. So, basically from 2010, the European Commission and the governments of Sweden, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain and Norway allotted $ 155 million for the activities of Islamist organizations. Another $ 157 million went to their accounts from Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the US - from governments, Charitable foundations, individuals and royal families. For example, in 2014, the "Danish Islamic Organization" received from the Government of Qatar 20 million euros, and "League of Muslims of Belgium" - 1,1 million.

In fact, the struggle against Islamophobia comes from Islamist organizations, not so much about tales of peaceful Islam, as against campaigns against those who oppose the Islamization of European society. "They put pressure on those who decide to tell the truth," they say in the Islamic map. Strict struggle in this case is even in social networks. For example, Facebook has a closed group "Report about anti-Islamic pages" with more than 11 thousand participants. Headed by natives of Pakistan, she collects data about all users and groups who, in her opinion, conducts anti-Islamic policies and does everything to block their activities. So, in early May, they filled up letters to the administration of the social network and Facebook blocked the group "Republic of Atheists", in which 1,6 million participants.

Most European politicians at the same time really see in the fight against "Islamophobia" purely Islamist organizations defending the rights of Muslims. That only is the statement of the President of Austria Aleksandra Van der Bell. In April, one of the channels, he said that all European women must wear headscarves in solidarity with Muslim women and will do it.

Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen said that all women will wear headscarves

По данным активистов, одним из активных спонсоров по борьбе с «исламофобией» является американский миллиардер Джордж Сорос. За последние шесть лет его организация Open Society Foundation выделила на поддержку исламистских организаций $ 1,5 млн.

"He benefited by speculating against individual countries. Now, obviously, he is engaged in larger speculations, trying to invest in chaos in Europe, "the Islamic map suggests. Activists say that several cases of sponsoring the "Muslim Barty" organizations could be attributed to a mistake, but we are talking about numerous grants. Their main beneficiary is the European Network Against Racism (ENAR). All of her leadership are members of the Muslim Brotherhood, including the director Michel Privo. Prior to that, he was vice-president of the FEMYSO organization, which protects the rights of Muslim youth and is part of the global network of the Muslim Brotherhood.

For three years the "European Network against Racism" received from George Soros over $ 400 thousand.

Another organization financed by the Soros Foundation - Association for the promotion of Islam in Germany Inssan. According to The Wall Street Journal, she has a connection with the "Muslim Brotherhood". 60% on an organization funded by the countries of the Persian Gulf and is located in the German capital in one building with two Islamist organizations, which are under the supervision of the Federal Office for Protection of the Constitution in Bavaria and Hessene for relations with the "Muslim Brotherhood." The building belongs to the European party functionaries El Zayyat.

The scale of investment in the "European" Islam is impressive. In early May, the Swedish Malmo opened the largest mosque in Scandinavia 2 thousand believers. The construction of more than 3 million euros paid to Qatar. In Finland, the Bahrain royal family is ready to have $ 151 million. For the construction of a grand mosque, but the project has caused fierce debate in Helsinki and its approval has been postponed. In the capital of Finland, and so there are several mosques, and new in its size will be twice as high as the main Lutheran Cathedral.

Scandinavia's largest mosque was opened in the Swedish Malmo

Project Grand Mosque in Helsinki over $ 151 million., Who is ready to pay the royal family of Bahrain

They are building a parallel society

In Sweden, the debate about the construction of the mosque was not, although this year the Agency for Emergency Situations of the country published a report which bluntly says that "Muslim Brotherhood" building in the country The parallel society co cvoimi values ​​and in the future it will become a threat to the country's unity.

"Usually, I tell my brothers in other countries:" Try to have your own little society within a large, otherwise you will melt in it like salt in water. That retained a Jewish identity over the last century, because it is their small communities that were unique in the ideas and rituals were called "Jewish ghetto". Try to have his "Muslim ghetto" - has led the state agency the words of the unofficial ideologist of "Muslim Brotherhood" Yusuf al-Qaradawi.

The study of the state institution clearly states: an ideological network of associations and organizations has been established in Sweden and European democracy can be an excellent tool for achieving the "caliphate". On the one hand, Islamists are difficult to blame, because in defense of their activities they talk about equality, infringement of religious rights and freedom of change. On the other hand, they actively lobby their interests through business and politics. "This work can affect the Swedish society, even through various EU directives and its policies in certain areas," the report says.

"Islam will return to Europe as a conqueror"

"Islamism as a concept divides our societies and leads to radicalization. A "Muslim Brotherhood" and other Islamists are its drivers, "- describe the current situation in Europe in the Islamic map. Because of the closedness of Muslim communities, the size of which, because of the influx of refugees, is growing by leaps and bounds, most ordinary Europeans are not aware of what is happening inside them. About Shariah laws, which Islamists try to instill in European Muslims, they can judge only Muslim women who walk in hajabs. Still - on the scandals that raise Islamist organizations, if the authorities or commercial companies are required to comply with the European dress code.

However, most residents of the Old World do not notice how Islam, slowly, but confidently enters their life. Even through food. For example, halal food, cooked according to Sharia, has become part of Western food. According to Reuters, in 2015 year expenses for it around the world already amounted to $ 1,1 trillion. and brought revenues to producers at $ 414 billion. In Europe, because of the ritual killing of animals with a cut in his throat, halal food was banned in Denmark, Switzerland and certain regions of Belgium. In the rest of Europe it is freely sold and brings in incomes including "Brothers to Moslems". According to journalist Alexander Del Valle, only in France 60% halal food is controlled by them, since the Islamist organizations of this party certify the products, and without it, it can not be considered halal. The Islamic map clarifies that it is a question of the "Union of Islamic Organizations of France", which includes about 200 associations. In other countries, activists call the Islamic Center in Munich, the Islamic Center in Aachen and the Finnish Islamic Association, which is recognized as terrorist in the UAE for financing and training extremists.

With the unsightly side of Islamization, Europeans are also facing. True, it is not yet common: when it touches upon their personal interests or scandalous details of the internal life of Muslim communities. So, in 2014 in Birmingham, in several schools, Islamists tried to start teaching radical Islam, and in May of this year the scandal shook Denmark. A video of the sermon of Imam Mundhir Abdallah appeared in the network in the Copenhagen mosque. Against the background of the black flag with Shahada (there is no other god except Allah), he cited in Arabic the hadith that Judgment Day will not come until Muslims defeat Jews and kill them. The imam also said that a "caliphate" would soon emerge, which would start a war for the unification of the Muslim community and lead to the liberation from the Zionists of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

Mundhir preacher Abdullah calls to kill Jews in Copenhagen

However, the terrorist attacks in Europe and the introduction of hundreds of Europeans in the ranks of the "Islamic state" has already shown what fruit can give the Islamization of Europe. The same is now accused of Denmark 17-year-old girl that she was planning to blow up two schools, including the Jewish in Copenhagen. Dane who converted to Islam, inspired by the terror attack shooting of Arab El-Hussein protection synagogue in the Danish capital in 2015 year.

"Brothers Muslims" and other "moderate" Islamists do not show their connections with recognized extremists, convincing everyone around in their peaceableness. However, they are directly connected with Salafis and Jihadists. In the Islamic map, the Global Campaign Against Aggression (GAAC) organization emerged as an example, which appeared immediately after the start of the second US campaign in Iraq in 2003. "Representing itself as a non-governmental, independent, peaceful and educational campaign, GAAC is an umbrella organization under the roof of which Salafists (Wahhabis), jihadists, Muslim Brothers and Hamas, some of whom are recognized as terrorists in the United States and Europe , Says the report of the Center for the Study of Muslim Brothers published this year. So, the secretary general of the organization Safar Al-Khawali is considered one of the teachers of Osama bin Laden. He endorsed the September terrorist attacks in the US and called for a jihad against the Americans and his allies. And GAAC President Abdul Rahman bin Umar al-Nuaimi was recognized by Washington as one of the sponsors of Al-Qaeda. The organization, in the opinion of the author Steven Merley, is an attempt to unite Islamic radical forces under one roof in order to confront the Americans and their allies. At the same time, as the report says, the "Muslim Brothers" themselves do not hide their desire to conquer Europe.

"Sam Al-Qaradawi said that Islam" will return to Europe as a conqueror and victor, after having been expelled twice. " In detail, he explained it this way: "It seems that the next conquest, Allah willing like, will occur by means of preaching and ideology", - quotes the spiritual leader of the "Muslim Brotherhood" in the report.

"Muslim Brotherhood" claim that has long been abandoned in order to install the "Caliphate" by fire and sword

As if in confirmation of these words on the network has recently appeared a video in one of the German cities of one of the Islamic provovednikov climbed on the monument pedestal and said loudly to others that after a few generations of Germany will become an Islamic country and the Germans daughters will marry Muslims. The police in this embarrassing standing next to the preacher.

The preacher said that after a few generations of Germany will be Muslim

"They even pay for de-radicalize those they radicalise ourselves"

Among specialists party "Muslim Brotherhood" has already taken over count as there is no clear vertical of power, and in many countries its organizations are forced to act in the circumstances in order to achieve a common goal - building "caliphate".

"Representations exist in many countries around the world. They have the same ideology, principles and objectives, but they are in different conditions. So it makes sense to decentralize the actions. Therefore, each organization operates on the basis of the circumstances and problems faced by, "- he said back in 2008, the deputy chairman of the" Muslim Brotherhood "Dr. Mohamed Habib.

The report of the Center for the Study of the Global Movement "Muslim Brothers" says that the Egyptian "Muslim Brotherhood" does not conceal its belonging to the organization and it is not banned in the West. However, its "representations" in the West do not advertise this to conceal the established global network: "One can only determine the membership of the Muslim Brotherhood by examining the activities of the organization and its leaders: with whom they have connections, which conferences are sponsored and visited ... It is most easily done, for example, in Germany, where local intelligence agencies annually recognize the organization "Islamic Community of Germany" as representatives of the "Muslim Brotherhood". Most of the organizations of the movement also belong to the "Federation of Islamic Organizations of Europe", whose leaders recognized their ties with the "Muslim Brotherhood".

Activists Islamic map say they have to document every case individually. For example, the imam of the Al-Furqan in the Dutch Eindhoven Iaada Eldina Bakri Ismail. It turned out to a member of the "Global Campaign against aggression» (GAAC).

Europe's problem is that there is no political will and many politicians are incompetent, according to the Islamic map. Even on special services activists say that the fight against Islamization is not part of their job, and they know surprisingly little.

"Therefore, we collect and structure the information, to exert pressure on the Islamist organizations and European politicians", - said the activist. According to them, they have repeatedly reported on political and information channels to sponsor the Islamists and in many cases funding ceased in the last five years. "But politics, not we should resist the Islamization of Europe. At the very least, to stop their funding from outside "- believe in the Islamic map.

Their anonymity in the Islamic map attributed to the fact that it does activists impervious to Islamist organizations, "Not knowing us, they are not aimed at us." By the way, in social networks today operates several anonymous communities that track Islamization, not only in Europe but also the United States.

EADaily aktivisy declared themselves as quiet most of the Europeans who do not care what's going on: "We track the Islamists, because Islamism is no good Europe, and only shares it." The authorities at the same time did not seem to see it, unless it is already about a specific terrorist threat.

The Islamic map talk about that now comes to the fact that Islamic organizations receive money even de-radicalize those who radicalize themselves. "And in the case of the CAGE (lawyers' organization in the UK - Ed.). - it is controlled by former terrorists and continues to support terrorists!" - surprised the activists.

A human rights activist from the CAGE called Jihadi John, who cut the throat of his victims, a fine young man

One of the leaders of the CAGE, Moazzam Begg, is indeed a former terrorist who spent three years in an American prison in Guantanamo Bay for being a member of Al Qaeda and funding training camps for extremists. However, the well-known organization was not at all why. When it turned out that the militant of the "Islamic state" Jihadi John (a video of his many bloody massacres shocked the whole world) is a British subject, CAGE stood up for his defense. She accused the authorities of the fact that after 11 September 2001, London dumped all cruelty in the world only on Muslims. At the same time, director of the research organization Asim Kureshi called Jihadi John a wonderful young man.

Recently, British intelligence agencies are still interested in CAGE. They detained the Director of International Affairs CAGE Muhammad Rabbani. However, this was not due to the organization itself, but because the representative of the organization refused to give them access to the cases that CAGE is dealing with. As Al-Jazeera TV channel reported, Muhammad Rabbani had details of an investigation into the torture that the British ally was carrying out. The CAGE director himself stated that he could not disclose information about the clients, and the court released him on bail. Now the advocacy organization has launched a campaign to abolish the antiterrorist law, which allows special services to seize media data without explaining the reasons.

A source: EADaily

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