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School in Riga fined for speaking teacher in Russian

In Riga, the leadership of the Daugavgriva secondary school was fined for speaking by the teacher in Russian during the math exam, local mass media reported with reference to the head of the Latvian State Education Quality Service (GSCO), Init Yukhnevich.

School examinations in Latvia should take place in Latvian, but the teacher of the school, which carries out the education program for ethnic minorities, gave explanations to the students in Russian, TASS reports.

The fact of the violation was ascertained by the inspector of the State Gas Committee, who was present at the exam, as a result, a fine was imposed on the management of the educational institution.

A similar case occurred in mid-June. Then the State Language Center of Latvia compiled a protocol regarding the director of the 12 secondary school in Liepaja, Valery Episkoposov, for having held a graduation party in Russian.

In Riga, more than once fined for communication in Russian, the mayor of the Nile Ushakov. In addition, last year the mandate was lost by a deputy who spoke Russian, but did not know the state language.

At the end of May, the Latvian parliament received a bill toughening penalties for "unjustified use of other languages" - from 35-280 euros to 280-700 euros.

Let's note, about 40% from almost two-million population of Latvia are considered Russian-speaking, however the unique state language in the country is recognized Latvian.

A source: LOOK

Author: Anton Cass

Tags: Latvia, Schools, Penalties, Russia, Language

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