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Scotland wanted to get rid of nuclear facilities on its territory

Scotland intends to refuse the posting of any nuclear facilities on its territory in the event of independence, he told the UK parliament deputy from the Scottish National Party (SNP), Roger Mullin.

"We believe that Scotland should be no place for any nuclear facilities. We are committed to the conclusion (from Scotland) Trident missile systems. Nuclear weapons and the United Kingdom is mainly concentrated in Scotland, while we have always advocated a rejection of it ", - transmits his words TASS.

He also said that the rejection of nuclear sites in Scotland take time. This Mullin noted that Edinburgh would like to have an army, without having armed with weapons of mass destruction.

"We would like to serve as a humanitarian and non-aggressive purposes", - said the deputy.

Recall, the Scottish authorities in relation to Brexit intend to hold another referendum to secede from the United Kingdom. This solution is now ready to support at least 46% of inhabitants of Scotland. On Monday, Prime Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon said that next week will ask permission of the regional parliament to organize a referendum on independence. It can take place in the period from the autumn to the spring of the year 2018 2019 years.

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Author: Sergei Guryanov

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