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Schroeder called on the Germans to have a good relationship with Russia

At the congress of the Social Democratic Party of Germany in Dortmund, former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder stated that peace and stability are possible only with good relations with Russia.

He noted that peace and stability on the continent is "part of the collective consciousness" of the Germans, Tass reports.

For peace and stability, it is necessary to have "a good neighbor" with "reasonable, good relations," Schroeder said.

He called on the party leader Martin Schulz, who claims to be chancellor, if he wins, to work on this issue, since much more can be achieved in this area than the current authorities of Germany have achieved.

Schroeder also called for "confronting Trump", criticizing the US policy in the field of defense and trade.

Schroeder believes that in order to obtain a commercial advantage, the US uses "political power".

In Dortmund, the Social Democrats are going to approve the pre-election program.

Recall that the Christian Democratic Union, headed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, leads the German public opinion rating, outstripping the Social Democratic Party of Germany.

Elections to the Bundestag will be held on 27 September.

A source: LOOK

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