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Steinmeier transferred presidential powers Germany

Today, 19 March in Berlin held a symbolic ceremony of transfer of powers of the president of Germany. Thus, the power as it goes by Joachim Gauck, who has held this position since 2012 years, the former head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

This ceremony is rather symbolic, since Steinmeier officially begins his tenure as President of Germany only on Monday, March 20.

Moreover, the oath the new German president will later still: Wednesday, March 22.

As previously wrote IA REGNUM, in Germany 77-year-old Joachim Gauck was carried out in March 17 resign. The event took place in Berlin in the castle Bellevue. During a ceremony watched around 600 people.

President Gauck term expired March 18. Work President positively evaluated the vast majority of German citizens.

Joachim Gauck took the highest office in the year 2012, after the scandal to resign prematurely left his predecessor Christian Wulff. The fact that the latter was accused of selfish relationships with influential businessmen and the use of official position for personal gain.

A source: A REGNUM

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