Today: March 19 2019
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The Swiss wanted to continue to pay taxes

The Swiss wanted to continue to pay taxes

Tags: Switzerland, Taxes, Referendum

At the referendum held on Sunday, the Swiss majority rejected the initiative to end the so-called media duty - "Billage" - and spoke in favor of continuing to pay tax on public TV and radio.

71,6% of the residents of the country have spoken out for continuing to pay for the use of television, radio, as well as any other equipment that can receive a TV or radio signal, including radio in cars, RIA Novosti reports.

The collected taxes will be sent to support the Swiss public electronic media and partially private media.

The trade unions said that the cancellation of the media fee could threaten the blow to independent journalism and free media, as well as the destruction of the order of 31,5 thousand jobs. Supporters of the initiative said that the Swiss public broadcaster SRG SSR will continue to work even if the tax is abolished, but will become independent of the state and will exist at the expense of subscribers.

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) welcomed the results of the will of citizens.

The second issue on Sunday's referendum was the issue of continuing the collection of taxes from the population. Most Swiss supported the new 15-year tax collection period. The current term expires in 2020 year.

In December, Switzerland declared the need to "clarify relations with Europe." It was not ruled out that a national referendum would be held in this country for these purposes.

Olga Nikitina
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