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A strong earthquake will destroy many houses in Cyprus

The Cyprus Engineering Association (CCEAA) warned the country's authorities that thousands of buildings in the cities and resorts of Cyprus can not withstand a serious earthquake.

In a letter to the Ministry of Communications of Cyprus, CCEAA calls for mandatory inspection of buildings to be earthquake-proof in order to avoid possible catastrophes. The association claims that many buildings in the old Nicosia and the coast of Limassol are in disrepair. As an example, there is a balcony that fell in Limassol 11 August. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

Cyprus is located in a region with large seismic activity, states the CCEAA, and the state must take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of citizens and their property.

A source: Cyprus Butterfly

Author: Gleb Nekrasov

Tags: Cyprus, Earthquake, Incidents

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