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Xinhua: the interests of the Syrian people have been a victim of Western intervention

15 April, Syria is a serious attack on the convoy was transporting civilians was made, which led to the deaths of hundreds of people, even more than a hundred injured. This is one of the many facts of the suffering of the Syrian people, which are due to both historical attempts by Western countries to divide and conquer the Middle East, as well as the unauthorized intervention of foreign forces for the sake of their own interests.

In the 2011 year's political unrest began in Syria broke out armed conflict. According to statistics, six years in the country with a population of 20 million have already died about 300 thousand. Man. Approximately half of the population homeless. Many areas of the capital Damascus, the largest city of Aleppo and other major cities have been razed to the ground, severely damaged infrastructure. People are suffering from hunger, lack of water and electricity, as well as the shortage of medicines and medical care.

Internal unrest in Syria emerged under the influence of internal and external factors. Western countries in the face of opposition began to interfere in the internal affairs of Syria, and applying military support, turned the political tensions into armed conflict. Their responsibility is undeniable.

Firstly, after the US outbreak of internal strife and other Western countries, without taking into account Syria's reality, we tried to bring the country in the so-called "democratic" way that would allow them to attach to Syria, a country in the east of the Mediterranean, which has a very important strategic position, in its sphere of influence. In this connection, they fully supported the Syrian opposition, which has changed the nature of the unrest.

Secondly, the western countries consider the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad to power the key to solving the Syrian issue. However, looking back more than forty years of the reign of Hafez and Bashar al-Assad has become the most stable period in the history of modern Syria. It was only with the beginning of foreign intervention was disturbed the balance of political forces.

Third, the Western countries do not intend to promote the peace process in Syria. With their support, the rebel forces insist on the resignation of Bashar al-Assad's resignation as a precondition for the beginning of political transformation, even though they know that it is unacceptable for the Syrian government. In this regard, the peace talks remain deadlocked.

Fourth, the Western countries have always regarded the Syrian conflict as a chance to oust Russia from the Middle East and to mitigate the influence of Iran in the region. After the planned himataki in early April, they again demanded from Moscow to stop supporting Damascus and confirmed that the elimination of Iranian forces in Syria is one of the main goals.

Among the many "excuses" West action there is no desire of the Syrian people for peace and tranquility, so the list of priorities of Western countries offers no struggle against terrorism and extremism, and promote the peaceful settlement - only a word.

Ignoring the historical facts, disregard concerns and aspirations of the people of Western countries regularly allowed to make false statements and commit wrong moves on the chessboard of the Syrian problem. Syrian people's interests at the same time have been a victim of Western intervention.

A source: Xinhua

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