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Syrian rebels: without Israel we would not have survived

The Wall Street Journal published a story describing how Israel is providing assistance to insurgents in southern Syria near the border.

According to the report of the publication, Israel transfers to the insurgents cash, food, fuel and medical equipment. The purpose of this secret operation is to create a buffer zone controlled by friendly forces of Israel.

The reportage materials are based on interviews with five rebels who report that their faction is in constant contact with the IDF. Among other things, Israel transfers large amounts of cash to rebel commanders, from which they pay salaries to militants, and buy weapons and ammunition.

Since 2013, Israel has rendered assistance to 3000 wounded Syrians, many of whom are rebels, and also provided humanitarian assistance to residents of the border strip - food and clothing in the winter months.

Israel calls its operation in the Golan "a policy of good-neighborliness," Israeli journalist Ehud Yaari said. According to him, the policy began to be formulated under former defense minister Moshe Yaalon.

Last year, Israel allegedly even formed and now supports its own group of rebels in the border zone - "Liva Fursan al-Dzhulan (Brigade of the Knights of the Golan). More details about this can be found in the material "The bridgehead on the Golan: the inconspicuous campaign of Israel."

A spokesman for the group, Moatasem Al-Giulani, told the Wall Street Journal: "Israel is heroically on our side. We would not have survived without the support of Israel. "

Abu Sukhayib, the head of the group, said that the first contacts with Israel were held in 2013, after the regime raid, when the wounded rebels turned to Israel for help. One of the militants of the other group, Liva Usud ar-Rahman, argues that "most people want to cooperate with Israel."

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly stated that Israel is "actively working" to prevent the transfer of Hezbollah's staggering arms through Syria and against building up Hizbullah's capabilities on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights.

Commenting on the publication in the Wall Street Journal, the IDF said: "Israel is doing everything to ensure the security of its borders and prevent the creation of terrorist cells and the deployment of hostile forces along the border ... in addition, Israel provides humanitarian assistance to Syrians living in the area."

According to the magazine, about 1000 Syrian militants - members of the five factions of the rebels receive constant assistance from Israel. Israel is also carrying out a large-scale operation to provide humanitarian assistance to residents of several dozen border villages.

A source: MIGnews

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