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Syria - Spain to Russia!

Syria - Spain to Russia!

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The US has designated the winner of the Middle East wars, can not speculate and do not predict - it is the United States itself.

Events in recent years, months, days, and even in Syria is so reminiscent of the case of bygone days, which is parallel with Spain suggests itself.

Perhaps the history of mankind has made a circle and come to a new world war.

Spanish massacre began - with a military rebellion in Spanish Morocco in 1936.

In Syria, anti-government made LIH and numerous moderate opposition, which structure also includes numerous military.

And today, in 2016, war is only just beginning.

Rebels in Spain was supported by the German Third Reich, Italy, Portugal, and other Western powers - France, Britain, the United States, its hostile neutrality, but as always, not without economic and geopolitical benefits.

Modern Middle Eastern uprisings supported by all those - and the figures of most of the "progressive Western world." Including today's Germany led by Angela Merkel.

If Libya and Iraq no legitimate government is not officially supported, except the expression of protest, that Syria supported Russia. I supported the same way as when the Spanish government supported the Soviet Union.

In Spanish society deepened the split between supporters of progressive social change (to overcome the legacy of the Middle Ages in the form of the enormous influence of the Catholic Church, the monarchists and the landlord class) and their opponents. On the streets of the cities there was a series of clashes.

Almost the same scenario heated US and the European powers in the Middle Eastern state was projected, under the auspices of the Arab Spring. And exactly the same motivation to revolt and civil war have been applied in the West against Syria.

Is the United States a number of economic factors contributing to push the world to the full-scale war, with the leading countries of the world. Basically, it is of course petrodollar and the economic collapse of the United States system mired in debt worldwide.

Third Reich expanded living space and tried to grab the world's resources, to all other tested new weapons in Spain. - Similarly, the US is experiencing new forms of proxy wars on foreign soil.

Of course in addition to the acquisition of territory petrodollar tests and new weapons, throwing it in incredible quantities rebels. With these weapons, many large settlements of the town, easy erased from the face of opposition.

In Spain, the scope of the rebellion was for the government as a complete surprise, they thought that it would be quickly suppressed. The government could retain the 70% more territory. Legitimate authority supported by almost all of the Air Force and Navy. (After the victory of the fascists, all pilots will be shot).

The same thing is happening in Syria, almost all of the military is captured by the opposition are destroyed, and in the same way for the government remains almost 70 percent of the territory.

In 1936 Communist Moscow supported the leftist government of Spain, not because of the desire to establish in the world of socialism and the ideals of "world revolution". In Moscow were pragmatists, and they were interested in a purely rational things.
Aware of the impending war with the West, the Soviet Union tried to prepare the army for the coming battles, so the task was quite rational - Testing of new techniques in battle.

For legitimate government of Spain fought at least 300 fighters and-16. Comes tanks, and other weapons. There were delivered: 1000 to aircraft and tanks - and a half thousand guns - machine guns 20 thousand, half a million rifles..

And most importantly - Preparing combat personnel in real combat!
Almost everything similar is happening in Syria, but the only difference is that the future theater 3y world unfold precisely in the Middle East.
Russia is not just tossed the newest samples of weapons at the request of the Syrian government. Show hostilities can demonstrate effectiveness of certain types of weapons.

The same problem as that of the Red Army and the Russian military set - Preparing combat personnel in real combat!

In Spain, our pilots, tank crews, commanders and other military professionals a unique experience, which helped to survive in the Great Patriotic War. A total of about 3 Spain fought thousands of our military experts, Moscow has not crossed the border, not embroiled in war "head". In the fighting killed about 200 people.
There were also Heroes of the Soviet Union.

As the first victims and the heroes have appeared in the Syrian War.
According to members of modern government - Russia, like the Soviet Union it hinders the beginning of the "Great War" away from their borders.

Spain could not give up without a fight the fascists and Nazis; if not for a long civil war that bled the country, it is possible that the Spanish fascists would be put in 1941 year to help Hitler than one - the "Blue Division» SS, and much more.

History repeats itself in 2016 m Apparently ...
The Russian government is not going to just take Syria! Even despite the fact that Syria as bloodless as Spain 1936 years - And the winners is to appoint early, despite the fact that the US and NATO, as the heirs of Nazi Germany are powerful and aggressive military potential.

"Victory will be ours, the enemy will be defeated!" IV Stalin.

Sergey Pushkin Mars
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