Today: January 20 2019
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Syria causes the US a final defeat in the Middle East

Syria causes the US a final defeat in the Middle East

Tags: Syria, USA, Middle East War, Politics, Middle East, Kurds

Well, can we congratulate the Russian-Syrian coalition on the most important local victories? Not only that the Islamic caliphate was almost smashed to pieces, it was still possible to beat and outstrip the United States! And now the US intends to start a retreat.

This conclusion can be drawn from the appeals of the US administration to the Iraqi Kurdistan not to hold a referendum on independence. Thus, formally it turns out that the US completely distances itself from the inevitable further conflict between the government forces of Iraq and Syria with the Kurds. Yes, and Turkey is guaranteed to tighten. But why did America decide to throw Kurdistan?

Everything is very simple. The key bet on the Kurds was that they could occupy the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor before Assad. But, since the coalition led by the United States is heavily stuck in Rakka, having lost a lot of personnel and precious time there, the forces of the Peshmerga did not manage to fulfill their main goal. As a result, now the richest lands of Deir ez-Zor are under the control of the ATS.

Once such a large kush of the eastern province of Syria is no longer mastered with the help of Kurdish proxies, the United States decided it was time to quit the game. In fact, a plebiscite was needed to launch such processes in neighboring countries and finally "stake out" the deposits behind it. But now it's impossible. Hence the US unwillingness to continue supporting the referendum in Erbil.

Kurds now do not envy. But they all were told that America would piss them off and leave them. They did not believe. And now they were lured with a bone too far, and there's already no way back. There is a possibility that a death sentence has been signed for a Kurdistan who did not take part ...

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