Today: December 15 2018
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Syria wants Israel to sign the treaty on nuclear weapons

Syria wants Israel to sign the treaty on nuclear weapons

Tags: Syria, Israel, International Relations, Middle East, nuclear weapon

Syria on Tuesday during a meeting of the IAEA in Vienna demanded the international community to force Israel to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty of nuclear weapons, said Wednesday the agency SANA.

Syria's Permanent Representative to the IAEA, Ambassador Bassam Al-Sabbagh said that uncontrolled nuclear capability of Israel is a threat to peace and security in the Middle East and throughout the world, which can not but disturb many member countries of the IAEA.

According to al-Sabbah, Israel used to ignore all the resolutions of international organizations with regard to the nuclear issue, as well uses a double standard when it comes to the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. Some countries even helping Israel develop its nuclear capability.

In addition, the Ambassador welcomed the conclusion of a nuclear agreement with Iran, adding that cooperation with the IAEA confirmed Tehran's good intentions.

Israel did not respond to the question of whether nuclear capability, but is actively involved in the discussion of problems in the world nuclear club. Some experts believe that Israel has had two plutonium production reactor. On the question of the presence of nuclear weapons in Israel, experts are also inclined to a positive response, but there are differences in the estimates of the number of nuclear warheads.

RIA News
RIA News
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