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Syria has declared the destruction of Israel Aircraft

Four Israeli aircraft violated the border of Syria, one of these cars was hit by air defense forces. This is stated in the statement of the Syrian army, which leads Reuters.

According to the military, another plane was damaged. The incident occurred on the morning of Friday, March 17. It clarifies that the aim of the Israeli air force were the objects of the Syrian security forces in the Palmyra area.

RIA Novosti reported with reference to the Tenth Israeli television reported that the military fired from anti-aircraft missile system of Soviet-made C-200. It was noted that the planes returned to base without loss, and at least one of the Syrian missile was hit by an Israeli missile. "None of the phases of the safety of Israeli citizens or Air Force aircraft was not under threat", - stated in the IDF.

In September last year in Damascus also reported that they were able to shoot down the plane of the Israeli Air Force, participated in the air raid on one of the positions of Syrian troops. Israel, in turn, denied the allegations.

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