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Syrian troops are one kilometer from the center of Palmyra

The soldiers of the Syrian army, with the support of the Shiite party Hezbollah fighters entered the Palmyra and close to the archaeological complex from the central part of the troops are only a kilometer, the newspaper "Al-Watan".

Fighting with militants "Islamic State *" are in the south-western areas of the city. On Wednesday there all the farms and the height at which there is a telecommunication tower were occupied. Militants knocked out of the hotel "Semiramis" and "Dedeman", Syrian troops occupied the headquarters of IG * on one of the hills in the palace of Qasr Muzza.

On the north-western side of the troops returned under the control of the height of the Antara, which dominates this part of the city.

At the same time it became known that the terrorists began to withdraw its forces from Palmyra. They left most of the city, mined houses and roads. The army and the militias are cleansing the western regions, according to TASS.

Syrian Air Force carried out between the attack from the air. Already destroyed a column of insurgents, head east on the highway to the oasis Es Suhna.

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