Today: January 16 2019
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Syrian troops have expanded control zone to the north of Aleppo

Syrian troops have expanded control zone to the north of Aleppo

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The Syrian army creates a strategic outpost for the attack on the town of Al-Bab, which serves as a springboard terrorist group "Islamic state" (IG) to the north of Aleppo (360 km from Damascus), told the TV channel "Al-Mayadin."

According to the TV channel, in this sector the government forces during the operation occupied the location area of ​​the Infantry School, a cement plant and two settlements - Kfar Haris and Fafin. According to him, the army expanded the monitoring area on the outskirts of the industrial area of ​​Sheikh Najjar in their hands advantageous positions on the heights of Tel Shair and Tall Susseyn, reports TASS.

Meanwhile, the intention to deploy offensive on Al-Bab in the framework of the operation "The Shield Euphrates" reiterated on Sunday President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. According to him, Turkey supported the Syrian opposition armed groups "are now in 13 km from the stronghold IG *".

Approach the Al-Bab and the formation of an armed coalition "Democratic Syria Forces' (SDS, Kurds make up the backbone of the troops). According to some reports, they coordinate their actions with the Syrian military.

In Ankara, trying to prevent the liberation of the city by Kurdish militias, which in August knocked IG gang from a neighboring manbij. In turn, the leader of the Syrian Kurds Saleh Muslim said that "the seizure of Al-Bab is part of Ankara's plans, because it opens the way to Aleppo," - the main, in his opinion, the aim of Turkey.

The groups supported by the Turkish armored vehicles and artillery, which now controls the two roads coming from the cities of Al-Rai and Dzharablus from the Syrian border to the eastern regions of Aleppo, besieged government army and militias.

Experts in Damascus warned about the danger of military intervention in the north of Syria, Turkey and the pro-Turkish forces closer to the areas controlled by the Kurds and the Syrian army.

4 November Aleppo once again started a humanitarian pause for free passage of civilians, the evacuation of the wounded and sick, as well as the release of militants from the eastern parts of the city. The pause will last until 19.00.

As it was announced on Wednesday, the decision on behalf of President Vladimir Putin took Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, the move was coordinated with the Syrian leadership.

To exit from Aleppo for militants opened two corridors: one - to the Syrian-Turkish border, the second - in Idlib.

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