Today: January 16 2019
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The scandal around Jerusalem is needed for Trump to compete with Putin

The scandal around Jerusalem is needed for Trump to compete with Putin

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If Trump is not a Mossad agent, not a secret Zionist and not a madman, why did he take a step that looks like a real madness - declared the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel? This statement, strangely enough, has quite rational reasons, including, inter alia, the position of Russia and Vladimir Putin.

The statement of the US president on the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel caused unanimous condemnation throughout the world - only the degree of indignation differs from Trump's words. But with all the understandable indignation of Trump's words no one gives a clear answer to the simple and most important question: why did he do it?

Distributed by politicians and analysts versions are ridiculous, because they are based on two statements. Trump is insane and is a puppet of Israel and a Jewish lobby in the United States. Without these two "whales", there is no reasonable justification for the versions of the US president's behavior.

Unfortunately, the adherents of these versions, we must immediately report - Trump is not a crazy and not a Jewish-Israeli agent. The Jewish part of the American elite is in general strongly opposed to Trump. Almost all media belonging to American Jews worked and work against Trump.

But if Trump is not psycho and not a Zionist, then why did he do what 1.5 billion Muslims are cursing for him and billions of people around the world are still burning?

Then, that Trump does exactly the same thing - it's his style. He became president of the United States at 70 years, and his goal "to make America great again". That is, to strengthen its strength as a national state and to restore its influence and respect throughout the world. Now America is still afraid, but they do not believe in it at all. They do not believe in her ability to defend her interests, and most importantly, do not see that she herself is concerned about their progress. Yes, until recently she could invade anywhere, but what did she get from this?

The disintegrated intra-American infrastructure, the fall in the standard of living of the middle class - against the background of the fact that its elites fantastically rich. But these "elites" did not consider Americans to be ordinary Americans themselves, nor the rest of the world. Other nations, like the Americans themselves, see in the "American elite" the supranational forces that want to control the whole world, to establish in it a certain global, standardized order, only in form called "American."

And in such a world came Trump, who promised to break it. He promised to drain the "Washington swamp" (that is, to replace the corrupt and disconnected American federal elite) and change international relations, so that America would benefit from them. America as a state, a three hundred million nation, living and working at home, and not between New York and Hong Kong. Not carrying its values ​​to the world, but returning to its own inhabitants work and confidence in the future.

And it was precisely this Trump that he began to do, encountering in response to the phenomenal resistance of that supranational elite in the US itself. He was tried to block everything from tax reform (aimed at encouraging US corporations to invest profits at home) before limiting migration. He was declared a Russian agent - both to discredit in the US itself, and to prevent him from getting along with Putin. Putin needed Trump to work together to restructure the entire international situation - because both are interested in strengthening their states and in building a new world order.

But Trump still had what he could do alone - play big, bluff, put pressure on his opponent's partner. And he began to do just that.

What is the decision on Jerusalem? It's the same thing that Trump has been making the situation around North Korea for a year now - the most exacerbating situation. "My God, Trump is crazy, he is ready to start a war with Kim, it's a catastrophe, the world is on the brink of death" - so scream the media working for any scandal. At the same time, Trump uses the theme of the Korean bomb with a completely pragmatic goal - to press on China to put Beijing in a guilty position (this is your ally, DPRK, what can not you agree with him?) And get some concessions from him.

But during the year of Korean history, it fizzled out and came to its logical dead end. And then Trump in reserve has another theme - the Middle East, more precisely, even the Muslim. It is even hotter, if only because the war has been going on for a long time in this region, and the US relations with the Islamic world are completely ruined. America is hated by Muslims for supporting Israel, for invading Afghanistan and Iraq, for Somalia and Libya, for drones, for "American values" imposed through mercenary elites. Trump also added fuel to the fire, stating a restriction on migration and even entry from a number of Islamic countries that posed a threat to US security. And now - Jerusalem? Why, why?

And then, why, and Korea, and doubts about the need for NATO, which Trump expressed at the beginning of the year. Trump really does not see the point in NATO, but in this case, this topic was necessary to him to knock out more money from Europeans for defense (reducing American spending for Europe) and make them feel obligated, and made easier concessions to others topics, for example, in trade relations. Jerusalem is the most painful topic not only for the Palestinian-Israeli settlement, not just for the entire Middle East, and not even for the entire Islamic world. Here all interests and symbols really came together.

To find a way out of the impasse of the Arab-Israeli conflict - which can lead to a real world war - you need to find some solution to the status and division of Jerusalem. Jews do not want to give up the old city, which they captured in 1967, the Arabs will never give up the struggle for it. The exit could be some kind of international status of the old city, the city of the three religions, the transfer of control over it into the hands of the UN, but such negotiations are not conducted. There are no negotiations at all between Israel and Palestine - in spite of the fact that attempts to bring Arabs and Jews together are being constantly undertaken.

And what is Trump doing now? With his statement, he blows up the situation - and switches attention from Putin, who has recently sharply strengthened his position in the Middle East, on himself. It's not just competition with the Russian president, it's a desire to return the status of the main moderator to the United States in this region.

Yes, Putin is now the most influential man - a victorious operation in Syria, growing relations simultaneously with Iran and Turkey, rapprochement with Egypt, cooperation in the oil market with the Saudis, excellent personal relations with the Jordanian King Abdullah, close contacts with Netanyahu. Russia is trying to soften the Saudi-Iranian confrontation, and if Putin succeeded in becoming a moderator of the Palestinian-Israeli dialogue, this would further strengthen her authority in the Islamic world.

But Trump needs to restore the US position in this world, and the question of Jerusalem is suitable for this ideally. Yes, now he caused fire on himself, recognizing him as the capital of Israel. But when the smoke from anti-American unrest dissipates, the Arab countries will again turn their gaze toward Washington - that's what Trump is counting on. And they will ask him to organize negotiations with Israel - if he is such a determined and consistent person, Trump, then maybe he will force Netanyahu to sit down at the negotiating table?

What is the basis of this calculation of Trump? The fact that in his speech on the transfer of the embassy contains the following passage:

"In speaking with this statement, I want to make it very clear about one thing. This decision does not in any way mean our departure from the desire to conclude an agreement on lasting peace.

We want to promote the conclusion of such an agreement, which will be a great deal for the Israelis and a great deal for the Palestinians. We do not hold any positions on final status issues, including on the specific boundary of Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem and on disputed borders. These issues should be resolved by the parties concerned.

The United States remains determined to promote a peace agreement that will be acceptable to both sides. I will do everything in my power to achieve such an agreement. There is no doubt that the issue of Jerusalem will be one of the most painful in these negotiations. The United States will support the decision on the existence of two states, if both sides agree to this. "

That is, Trump expressly says - about the status of Jerusalem, about his division between Israel and Palestine should be negotiated by Arabs and Jews. It turns out that the US did not recognize the East, that is, the Arab Jerusalem is part of Israel. They actually recognized the capital of Israel as West Jerusalem, which the whole world community already recognizes as an Israeli territory.

Moreover - in the spring of this year, Russia declared that it considers West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and the Eastern part of the Palestinian state. Yes, we did not talk about the transfer of the embassy - because before the settlement of the status of the city between Israel and Palestine, it would still look like recognition of the Israeli annexation. But if Trump had announced only the postponement of the embassy, ​​it would have caused a massive outcry - but still less than the absence of clarification about the western part of the city.

So why did Trump just talk about Jerusalem, if he did not mean the entire city? Where did the word "Western" disappear?

He did it on purpose - to attract attention, to cause a scandal.

Without this, there would be no chance of returning to America the place of the chief moderator of the Palestinian-Israeli settlement. And such a chance, according to Trump, will appear after a while - when the indignation of the Muslim ummah will die, and Israel will agree to negotiations. Trump caught Netanyahu in bait - now it will be hard for him to refuse such a "great defender of Israel."

But for this Trump plan to become a reality, he still needs to wait until the storm is over.

Peter Akopov
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