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Scheme of struggle against "enemies of the people" in the US brought to perfection

Scheme of struggle against "enemies of the people" in the US brought to perfection

Tags: USA, Politics, Analysis

Threats to relatives and friends, disclosure of data, personal terror, public persecution, successful attempts to leave without means of livelihood - such is the arsenal of leftist activists of the USA who launched a large-scale campaign to "fight against fascism." In some places it painfully resembles the practice of the Stalinist USSR and already has signs of a full-fledged civil war.

In late November, the liberal newspaper The New York Times published a long article about a character not too typical for its editorial policy. The text was called "The Voice of Hatred in the Heart of America," and Tony Houveiter, one of the leaders of the Traditional Labor Party (TRP, originally TWP), acted as his hero - or rather, the villain.

The author of the material literally called his hero "fanatical" and "fascist", although he did not express radical views. In his interview, he said that the federal government has grown too large that all leading US media are corrupt and that programs to support national minorities are unfair. "If things go on like this, the US president will soon become a fat, sick, black lesbian who can not read," joked Houveiter, and the journalist cited the joke with obvious disgust. This phrase was to become something like a trigger.

The day after the publication of the text, Houveiter woke up famous. Someone put his address in the open access, on his phone began to call strangers and threaten to kill him and his wife. Soon the restaurant was calculated where he worked, and talked with the owner, and a day later the owner fired and Houwiter, his wife, and even his wife's brother. Funds for renting a house in the family were gone, and staying in the house was dangerous - threats of reprisal came almost every hour. A week later, the hunted Hoveiter disappeared in an unknown direction with his wife.

Companions tried to raise money for him, but the leading site for accumulating donations, GoFundMe stopped accepting contributions in favor of white nationalists.

All this time, the glorified Hovereter article was discussed in all leading print media. Journalists debated whether the "alt-right" tribune could be presented to the tribune, and even admitting that the terrible "white nationalist" was intelligent, educated and "with his East American politeness could melt the heart of any mother".

The hysteria of Hovereter is especially striking if one knows that the Traditionalist Workers' Party is an organization that is modest. In December last year, the founder of the movement Matthew Heimbach counted only 500 people in 12 cells, now the total number is close to a thousand.

In parallel, the readers pelted the editors of The New York Times with wrathful letters, comparing Hovereter with the most brutal Nazi executioners. Glavred newspaper personally apologized for his decision to present to the public such a "monster". And no one even questioned whether it was ethical to flaunt the life of a man, knowing that his political opponents would turn her into hell.

The TRP's agenda is quite peaceful and concentrated on the rights of workers-a modest amount of assets simply does not involve large-scale and aggressive actions. The struggle that Houveiter's party members declared "capitalism, globalism and Marxism" is conducted only theoretical, and their white nationalism boils down to isolationism and survival techniques. It's as if the Party leadership foresees a great interracial war and hopes to save a few white families somewhere in the American wilderness.

Among the TRP shares are a rally in support of Bashar Assad, articles in support of Ratko Mladic, a picket from the left literature store in Bloomington (Indiana), as well as a lawsuit against the same-sex marriage law. Despite such modest activity, the party leadership already faced the police. In March 2016, at a rally in support of Donald Trump, Matthew Heimbach was arrested for filming a black African American woman protesting against Donald Trump. For this he was taken to the station, serious charges were mentioned, but as a result, the TRP member got off with a small fine.

And yet, why is a dwarf movement activist, who can not even be called radical, got so many problems after a completely innocuous interview? There is no unexpected turn here. The story of Tony Hovereter is a typical example of the harassment by left-wing activists to expose their political enemies.

In August, right after the famous battles between the antifa and the white nationalists in Charlottesville, serious trouble began with the organizer of the rally "Right, unite!" Jason Kessler. A local policeman told a New Yorker journalist that Kessler was threatened with reprisals by "tons and tons, he was called almost every hour." Kessler tried to explain himself, but was forced to flee from the crowd under the protection of policemen. Unable to withstand the threats and hatred of his neighbors, with whom he had maintained excellent relations for years, the politician collected things and left his own home.

A year ago, left-wing socialists harassed the mother of the violent right-wing politician Richard Spencer (his interview with the newspaper VZGLYAD can be read here). Sherrie Spencer spent her entire life in the small town of Whitefish in Montana, renting out a room in a beautiful mansion. Once her neighbor, the left-wing activist Tanya Gersh, learned that Spencer's son was the leader of the American alto-right, posted information about this in social networks and launched a campaign against Sherry. In particular, it went round all the tenants and demanded that they immediately terminate the contracts with the "mother of the Nazi".

Spencer met with Hersh and asked what she was trying to achieve. She rolled out a list of compensation - to renounce her son's beliefs, sell the mansion and give money to liberal NGOs. Otherwise Hersh will do everything to make Spencer's house worthless.

Spencer reported this to the alto-right. Trolls showered Gersh with insults in social networks. The activist appealed to the press, and almost all leading media outlets, newspapers and television channels, came to her defense. An elderly woman was accused of fascism, anti-Semitism, and a number of other "isms", and in the end she really renounced her son, saying that she did not support his convictions. However, it was already impossible to change anything: Spencer had to sell the mansion and with her husband to go to another city.

In each of these cases, the activists were perfectly able to organize the local residents and set them on their sacrifice. Forces in such cases are usually unequal, and the enemy invariably has to flee. No wonder the symbol of resistance to left hysteria in the United States was Allen ArmenTraut - that same lonely fellow with the flag of the Confederates, who tried to defend the monument to General Lee. Soon after the events in Charlottesville he was kicked out of Christian College. Now he avoids any attention and gives interviews except to Russian journalists.

The mechanism of political cleansing is well-established and does not give failures. Activists are signaling in social networks about the appearance of a new "enemy of the people". The topic is picked up by leading mass media with a multi-million audience. Newspapers provide activists with all the missing information about the villain and select a moral justification for his harassment. Someone calculates the address, place of work and all contacts of the victim, posting them on the Internet. The most active begin to ring up the bosses, colleagues and landlords of the enemy, demanding immediately expel him from everywhere. In parallel, the army of Internet fighters floods the victim with insults and threats through posts, letters and phone calls.

They do not spare anyone - neither relatives nor friends. They are also threatened, they are called "fascists" and "racists", they demand to renounce the villain. And when frightened people turn to the press, correspondents from all the same liberal media come to them and re-warm the topic in a convenient light for them. For example, a journalist who opened the harassment of Tony Hovereter wrote in the footsteps of his article a column "I interviewed a fascist, and that's what happened to me."

At some point, relatives and friends can not stand it and start to repent, but it usually does not help, and relations with neighbors are hopelessly corrupted. Eventually, people leave their businesses, quit their jobs, sell cheap housing, remove all accounts in social networks and leave for nowhere.

The persecution of concrete victims goes in parallel with the mass moral terror of dissidents. In Portland, where the majority of the population opposes Trump, antifa keep a record of all the local who dare to go to rallies in support of the president. Their personal data is traditionally shared. Equally traditionally call employers, reporting that the employee is "aggressive and dangerous Nazi." After this, a person is either expelled or given the opportunity to leave "on his own". And if the right-wingers of Portland try to go on their own demonstration (for example, in support of the victim), the leftists invariably throw them with stones and debris.

White nationalists are turning into the most oppressed minority of the United States.

It comes to ridiculous. Recently, the victim of the attacks was a designer who released a small batch of T-shirts in defense of endangered Atlantic marlins. On one was written "White lives matter", on the other - "Blue lives matter", and under the inscriptions there were images of white and blue marlins. The National Association for the Promotion of Color Minorities announced that the designer intentionally mocked the slogan "Black life matters", demanding that the "racist" remove all t-shirts from the sale.

All this is painfully reminiscent of what is happening in the USSR in the struggle against the "Left Opposition" when Stalin organized a comprehensive harassment at the enterprises, streets, at the place of residence and in the press of all activists and open supporters of Trotsky, as well as their relatives and friends. It does not just look like a political struggle with high stakes, but as if the US population is technically split along several lines at once: left against the right, white against black, women against men, marlins against people. A full-scale civil conflict has not yet developed into a hot phase, but this seems only a matter of time.

And after the social split, a territorial split may come. As TRP co-founder Matthew Parrot pointed out shrewdly, "today in the United States, as in Yugoslavia, the globalists lock a whole pack of dogs in one cage with a limited amount of water and food, and then watch them fight among themselves and shout" Fascist! ".

Victoria Nikiforov
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