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US shale sector suddenly faced with a serious problem

The American oil shale miners have at least noticeably increased production volumes, but, nevertheless, the company faces a number of problems, which many experts spoke of before. This is a shortage of labor, which in the period of low prices for "black gold", when there was a wave of widespread dismissals, literally "resolved" over the American expanses.

Now, when the volume of oil production began to grow, companies need additional qualified personnel. Someone again succeeds in attracting to work, but many specialists have found themselves in other sectors of production and return to their former work, which is very dependent on the market situation, do not intend to, even if they are promised higher salaries.

According to some companies, the shortage of truck drivers is felt even at a salary 80 thousand dollars a year - two years ago this was not. But it was then that the major layoffs occurred precisely in shale sector. The memory of it is still fresh.

This situation can not but worry US companies - producers of shale oil as a threat was not only oil and gas sector, to actively increase production against the background of the increased prices of raw materials, but also the oil service sector, which previously also very much affected by the fall in hydrocarbon prices.

Therefore, providers of oilfield services have been asking for their services more trying to get compensation for the huge discounts they gave earlier. And that brings serious problems for companies that seek to restore production. Therefore, labor shortages only exacerbate the problem.

Today, against a background of raised oil prices again started talking about the new turn in the US "shale revolution". However, if the situation will start to change once again - the price of "black gold" to fall - the American sector of shale production will once again be under attack, will be restored after that will be even harder. Even despite the fact that the recent crisis has taught us, that began to work more efficiently, reducing costs.

Currently, US oil production has come close to the mark 9,1 million barrels per day. But old problems remain yet, though, but the slate companies still actively investing in exploration and production: for example, Continental Resources, which intends to "invest" in the 1,95 billion dollars, or Hess Corp, plans to invest 2,25 billion dollars. And other companies have also announced their intention to increase investments in shale sector.

The question is - how they will implement their plans in the absence of the required number of employees? In addition, with an increase in total costs - for example, from the purchase of sand to the acquisition of drilling rights.

Nevertheless, American slantseviki seek as high as possible to raise the bar to make up for previous losses, pay off debt and get back not only profitability, but also to profitability. What would happen - time will tell.

A source: TEKNO: /// BLOG

Author: Oleg Mironenko

Tags: US Economy, Oil

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