Today: January 16 2019
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The next victim of sex scandal should be Donald Trump

The next victim of sex scandal should be Donald Trump

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The wave of revelations associated with sexual harassment has ceased to be Hollywood's internal problem and is gradually turning into a political tool. And the main victim, planned by the organizers of mass hysteria, is the US president. The accusation of harassment will be an ideal occasion for his impeachment.

For several months Americans have been living in reality, which journalists call "the world after Weinstein". Beginning with the exposure of the famous film producer's intrigues, the sex scandal spread to all spheres of public life, like a forest fire.

In harassment, harassment, unacceptable touches, indecent hints and greasy looks, high-ranking employees of Google and Tesla are accused. The TV hosts and show business stars, comedians and preachers, businessmen and activists, in fact, practically all well-known and influential men of the country, fell into the zone of special risk.

Of course, politicians did not become exceptions. Black activist Jesse Jackson, extorting money from companies that he believes does not support color minorities, accused journalist Daniel Yang of molesting. Three years ago the Monk Jackson, according to her, "looked her around", pinched her thigh and indecently joked. Ironically, known for his explosive nature, Jackson humbly apologized.

Having dealt with the left Jackson, the press took up the right Roy Moore. A well-known conservative politician and former Supreme Judge of Alabama at one time refused to carry out the decision of the US Supreme Court to legalize same-sex marriages and was dismissed. This affected the popularity of Moore - the other day he won the primaries of the Republicans and will now fight for the post of senator from his native state, although his rival was supported by President Donald Trump himself.

Liberal media have long been sharpening their teeth on Moore, and his claim to Congress was the last straw. And the newspaper The Washington Post published a revelation of a certain Lee Korfman, immediately reprinted by virtually all liberal media. She said that almost forty years ago, Moore tried to persuade her to have intimacy, although she was only 14 years old.

Many details of her story look implausible. For example, Korfman claimed that the politician called her on the phone, but her mother said that she had no phone in her room, and no one would allow her to conduct intimate conversations from the living room. However, this is also the trick of accusations in harassment that no one expects proof from the victim.

Mur - the father of four children, 32 year living in marriage - declares his complete innocence and claims that this is a political "zakazuha" by the Democrats. However, it is almost impossible to wash off from unproven allegations. Three more women joined Lee Korfman: according to them, Moore called them on dates, kissed them, and treated one to wine in a restaurant, although she was only 18 years old. These "crimes" allegedly took place in 1977-1982 years.

In parallel, there is an attack on 41-th US President George Bush Sr.. Six women accused the seriously ill 93-old man that he grabbed them for the "fifth point" during a joint photograph. One case occurred in 2003, the other in 2006. The rest - later, when the patient suffering from Parkinson's disease, Bush was already chained to a wheelchair. His press secretary regularly apologizes on behalf of the former president.

There are several characteristic features of the persecution that is unfolding before our eyes. First, none of the victims presented any evidence. Secondly, in most cases we are talking about "the affairs of days gone by," often accused of cases of "unacceptable stroking" simply does not remember. Moreover, there is absolutely nothing to remember: the victims of harassment almost always avoid direct charges of rape. Probably, because it would entail a serious criminal case - the lawyers of the defendant can easily blame the plaintiff for slander.

The liberal observers have their own answer to this, and even what: the proposal was not to spread the basis of justice - the presumption of innocence in cases of harassment. If the victim said so, then you are guilty.

Powerful mass hysteria somehow overshadows the fact that we are not discussing criminal offenses, but absurd actions. Roy Moore allegedly called the girl on the phone forty years ago. Drunk in the trash, Kevin Spacey, thirty-five years ago, knocked someone on the sofa. Dustin Hoffman thirty years ago, in response to the question of a young assistant, whether he wants an egg for breakfast, joked: "I have a hard-boiled egg and a soft-boiled clitoris."

The victims of these "crimes" claim that they suffered a psychological trauma, which still torments them. And the accused often can not understand what exactly is incriminated to them. However, they repent and apologize - the indignant public should receive at least a minimum of what it requires (some require almost lynching).

With some difficulty, some of the charges can be qualified as "sexual harassment" or "indecent behavior in public", but the statute of limitations for minor violations of the law expired many years ago. The vast majority of insinuations in real court would not cost anything. From the point of view of law this is a pure fiction. But the organizers of this hysteria consciously act in an illegal field.

Outside of civil cases and open courts, rich and influential "white cisgender men" lose their jobs and reputation. They leave their wives and renounce their families. They are deprived of rewards, expelled from the profession, boycotted and ostracized.

The boundary between what can and can not be, is rapidly eroding. The New Yorker magazine, for example, promotes the story of a black employee of Tesla, who filed for company management in court for not being promoted. As a result, she was fired from Tesla. Liberal journalists claim that she was the victim of racism and sexism, which allegedly reign in the company Ilona Mask. This, in their opinion, is also a case of harassment.

Thus, "harassment" (sexual harassment) from the legal term has turned into a bogeyman. On this charge, you can attract almost anyone.

"What are the rules now?" - asked the columnist The Daily Beast anxiously. - Many normal guys (not like Weinstein) are tormented by the question of whether they have ever violated any rules and whether they are now publicly defamed. "

All this would look like a massive insanity like McCarthyism or witch-hunting. But if we assume that the ultimate goal of all this hysteria is to turn accusations into harassment into a political weapon and attack President Trump, then everything converges.

The liberal public has already tried to attack Trump on the sexual front in the midst of the 2016 presidential campaign. But then he shut up the critics, threatening to call on the TV debates with Clinton's Jennifer Flowers - Bill Clinton's former lover, who could tell a lot about harassment from the president-democrat.

The first attack failed, but failed too, because the public was not warmed up enough, the activists were not yet able to provide support for unfounded accusations, and information "guns" were firing inappropriately. Even the disclosure of Trump's talk about women in the men's locker room ("If you are a star, women will let you do everything," he said then) came off the candidate with hands. Now the preparation is much more thorough.

In the mass obsession with the theme of harassment, the hands of the directors are noticeable. Campaigns in social networks, endless revelations in the press and on TV - all this created a suitable atmosphere. Today, the democratic mass meeting is ready to literally tear down anyone who is involved in a sex scandal in the position of the "aggressor". At the same time, accusations fall equally on the right and left, conservative politicians and Hollywood stars who support the Democrats. And it seems almost impossible to accuse the latter of the fact that in this way they rascal Republican rivals.

As the gardeners say in such cases, "the soil is prepared."

Then in the newspaper The New York Times an article appeared that the share of blame for the atmosphere of permissiveness and sexism lies on Bill Clinton with his numerous love affair. Now Trump can no longer remember the president-democrat of his sin - for him it is already done.

And on November 20, a new issue of the influential (especially among the intellectual elite) New Yorker magazine will be available for sale with the installation article "The Case of Weinstein and the Presidency of Trump". Famous political columnist David Remnik reminds readers of Trump's questionable affair with the queens of beauty and demands their investigation in Congress.

"The seizure of the chest and genitals, violent kisses - such is the president of the United States of America," he writes. And he emphasizes: it is obvious that Trump would not have recruited any sane personnel to work in the office: "How can this person manage the most important office on the planet?"

Time will tell whether the democrats will be able to send Trump to resign under the pretext of harassment. In the UK, a scandal with harassment (real or imaginary) has already caused a political crisis. 1 November, the Secretary of Defense of the United Kingdom, Michael Fallon, resigned because of accusations that many years ago he touched a knee to a journalist. Welsh Minister Carl Sargent 7 November and did hang himself, being accused of harassment. Prior to that, he was expelled from the Labor Party and removed from office as minister, but he did not recognize the essence of the charges, and therefore could not be justified.

Perhaps the Democrats will be able to find women who will accuse Trump of harassment (they found such under the election, and by the way, where are they?). The tribune is ready for them. And if it does not come to the point of resignation, the information war against the president will make it even more helpless - both on the world stage and in our own country.

Victoria Nikiforov
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