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Word on Victory Day 9 May 1945 year

Word on Victory Day 9 May 1945 year

Tags: Religion, Orthodoxy, Great Patriotic War, Victory Day, 9 May

... Glory and thanksgiving to God!

Peace in the land of the Russian and, thanks to the combined efforts of the allied governments and armies, peace on the lands of many ...

... God has shamed the impudent dreams of villains and robbers, and we see them now carrying a terrible retribution for their evil deeds.

We confidently and patiently waited for this joyous day of the Lord - the day in which the Lord pronounced His righteous judgment upon the worst enemies of mankind - and Orthodox Russia, after unprecedented feats of arms, after the incredible exertion of all the forces of the people, who stood up as one man for the defense of the Motherland and not sparing even life itself for the sake of the Fatherland's salvation - now the Lord is in power in prayer, gratefully invoking the very source of victories and peace for His heavenly help in the time of battle, for the joy of victory and for granting peace to the whole world.

But does the consciousness of joy bring victory? It also carries a consciousness of duty, a consciousness of duty, a consciousness of responsibility for the present and the future, the consciousness of the need to strengthen labor, to consolidate the victory, to make it fruitful in order to heal the wounds inflicted by the war.

There is still a lot of work to be done for us, but we can now breathe freely and happily in the work - hard, but creative.

If during the war, in an unshakable faith in the ultimate triumph of a just cause, we triumphant overcame all difficulties, all deprivations, all hardships at the front and in the rear, then with the same redoubled force we will take up the re-creation of our cities, of which each is a war hero; our dear and sacred monuments, everything that the mighty will and power of our great people created.

Reverently remembering the exploits of our gallant army and those of our loved ones who have placed our temporary happiness in the hope of perceiving the eternal - for our happiness, we will never stop praying for them, and in this we will draw consolation in our sorrow for the loss of the dear to our heart and strengthen our faith in the infinite mercy of God to them, who have departed into the upper world, and into the all-powerful help of God left for the continuation of the earthly deed and for the beautification of life throughout the world.

May our prayer be corrected, as it were censured before the Lord.
May heaven pass.
Yes, it will be brought by holy prayer books for the Russian land to the Throne of the Lord.

The God of peace will continue his blessings to our native land and let the leaders and rulers with our peaceful weapons of state wisdom and truth conquer everything that is hostile to the peace and good of our great Fatherland and the combined works of the victorious nations establish an order in the whole world in which it is impossible it would be a repetition of the horrors of war.

Our Holy Church, in the person of its archpastors, pastors and faithful children, I call with the same zeal and with such ardent faith to pray for the peaceful prosperity of our country with which she prayed in the time of trials for victory over our enemies. And may this prayer be just as pleasing to God.

"Blessed art Thou, O God, beasts of the tame and extinguished fire ..." (Canon of the Service of the Praise of the Mother of God).


Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia
Moscow, 9 May 1945

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