Today: December 14 2018
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"Death of the sinful sinners"

"Death of the sinful sinners"

Tags: Religion, Christianity

The Scripture says: "The death of the sinners is cruel." Why is the Lord so slow and does not send us death, and sometimes even gives us a very long time to cheer? In general, why are diseases given to us? In order for us to rebuild our lives, because a sick person somehow breaks out a little from the world of his passions. And the Lord hesitates, because the way to root out the sins in oneself is very long, and the Lord does not want us to be a fierce death. Fierce - does not mean violent or heavy. The fierceness of the death of a person who died in sins is that as soon as his soul departs from the body, the clouds of nesting demons attack it and tear it apart. This condition is called a toll, from the word "tax collector" - the collector of duties. What kind of duty will be collected from our souls? The soul will be tested by what it is full of. And if it is the abode of demons, then we will not be able to reach the Kingdom of Heaven. Demons will not allow us to go there, they will perceive our soul as their own. The Lord says: "You can not serve two masters," that is, a little bit to God, a little bit to the devil.

If you take the whole barrel of white paint and drop it a little bit brown, then the color will not be white anymore. Here and with soul. If our soul, created by God, is twisted by sins, then we can not enter the Kingdom of Heaven-the Kingdom of purity, truth, love. Therefore, we need to work constantly. One faith in God is not enough for salvation - it is still necessary to revive this faith with the works of faith. Many people say: I do not do anything so bad. It's not enough to do anything bad, you still have to do good. A dead man, when he is in a coffin, does nothing wrong either, but that does not mean that he is alive. Christ said: "I am the way, the truth, and the life." Therefore, if we want to be Christians, we must be alive: we must have a living faith, we must have a living prayer, a living repentance, a living love for God - we must live life to the fullest.

And if we do not have it yet, then we must constantly strive for this, otherwise we can transform our whole life into a formality: from the habit of walking to the church, to be thoughtlessly baptized - we heard "Glory to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit," and we are automatically baptized. The evening came, they opened prayers: "Glory to you, God ... Heavenly King, Comforter ...", completely forgetting about Who we cry to the Heavenly King, that He might come and settle in us. Are we ready for this? Can He visit our soul when our whole life is a lump of passions, in which we boil, live, fuss? Therefore, we must try to get away from all this. This does not mean that you need to neglect household chores, not to eat, not to drink, not to wash. No, you just have to push your heart away from it all; the heart must belong to one God.

Archpriest Dimitry Smirnov
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