Today: 22 September 2018
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The deadly beach of Cyprus. What to do?

The deadly beach of Cyprus. What to do?

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The sea near the Venus Hotel in Paphos took back two more lives over the past weekend. For 10 years because of the insidious current in this place killed 18 people. Two million euros have been allocated for the construction of three breakwaters, but the work will resume only in October, so as not to disturb the noise of the construction of tourists. Association of Winter Swimming lovers calls to prohibit access to the beach for everyone without exception. Another option is to send a policeman or a representative of the rescue service, who will prohibit people from entering the water.

The damned beach is called "Tombs of Kings". Or Tombs of the Kings. Or Τάφοι των Βασιλέων. The fact is that it is located at the end of the eponymous prospectus. Near him - many hotels and hotel apartments. Near the beach there is a strong undercurrent that can be carried to the open sea even by a professional swimmer. For the last 10 years, 18 people have drowned here, including two 54-summer tourists from Russia and Poland for the past Saturday and Sunday.

The Cypriot authorities have long imposed a ban on bathing in this place. Pafos Mayor Fedchenko Fedunas said today that the municipality is not responsible for the people killed on the beach, as this section of the shoreline is managed by the Interior Ministry.

"We are saddened by the fact that people are drowning there," said the mayor of the cultural capital of Europe. - The creation of breakwaters will fundamentally solve this problem.

In an interview with The Cyprus Mail, the councilor of Paphos municipality Nikos Similidis said that a significant part of the responsibility lies with the tourists themselves.

"This part of the coast is not intended for bathing," notes Mr. Similidis. - There are huge warning signs in different languages ​​and a red flag is raised. But, despite warnings, people still swim there, and we are horrified to learn that again someone has died. I'm sorry to admit it, but it happens because of stupidity.

The authorities are faced with a dilemma - what to do with the beach "Tombs of Kings"? Since it is forbidden to swim there, then there is no official rescuer on the beach. But if there was a lifeguard post, then people would think that the beach is all right, and would go without fear into the sea, explains the municipal councilor.

Commenting on the situation, a spokesman for the Paphos Rescue Association said that the authorities needed to take "decisive and immediate measures". It is necessary to put on the beach a representative of the authorities, who will explain to tourists that the entrance to the sea in this place is strictly prohibited.

- The offensive flow in this place is especially dangerous, and there must be someone who will warn people [about the danger]. After so many cases of drowning, it should be a representative of the rescue service or a policeman, - the spokesman is sure. - Should we wait for 10 to drown one by one to start acting? Many of those who swim here came to rest. And it is clear that warning signs alone are not enough.

In addition, he asks himself: why did the authorities decide to halt the construction of breakwaters in the summer?

- Because noise becomes an irritating factor ?! But this is nonsense! Let the noise be better than someone will lose their lives, - the representative of the association of rescuers is sure.

Works on the construction of breakwaters will resume in October 2017 and will end in May 2018. The cost of three breakwaters - 2 million euros. As soon as the breakwaters erect, the beach of the "Tomb of the Kings" will become safe, and it can be officially declared a place for swimming. He will be transferred to the administration of the municipality of Paphos, who will create there a post with rescuers.

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