Today: January 20 2019
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Media: American tankers bring gas to Belgium bought in Russia

Media: American tankers bring gas to Belgium bought in Russia

Tags: USA, Belgium, Europe, Gas, Economics, Resources

Tankers from the United States are supplying to the terminal of liquefied gas in Belgian Antwerp the fuel that is purchased in Russia, follows from the Soir investigation of the activities of offshore companies, called Paradise Papers.

The publication notes that the Belgian Antwerp liquefied gas is delivered by four tankers, which belong to the company registered in the Marshall Islands Navigator Holdings ltd. 31% of the shares of this company belong to Wilbur Ross, now the US Secretary of Commerce. At the same time, the company buys gas from the Russian Sibur in the port of Ust-Luga, TASS reports.

The investigation of the newspaper once again indicates that the terminals of liquefied gas in Europe operate under the laws of the market, receiving blue fuel not from the US, but from the nearest source to Russia, but at a higher price than pipeline transportation.

At the same time, the media noted that this indicates the cooperation of Sibur with Wilbur Ross, which was not previously known. "Sibur" noted that he was surprised by the politically biased interpretation in the media of "ordinary commercial activities", RIA Novosti reports.

It was noted, in particular, that the contracts of Sibur with carriers, including those with Navigator Holdings, are reflected in the company's accounts.

We add that the United States was also suspected earlier of buying coal in Russia, which is then supplied to Ukraine.

Sergei Guryanov
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