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Media: Belarusian tour banned from selling trips to Egypt to Russians

Tour operators who work in the direction of Egypt from Minsk, not selling tours to tourists with Russian passports. This was reported in the Belarusian travel company "Biblio travel", "Time Voyage" and "Galar-Expo".

"We do not send Russian tourists. We were forbidden. Border Service. Even before the New Year. Russian tourists, who do not have a residence permit in Belarus, Egypt does not produce. We do not sell to Russians tours, we had no Russian tourists. Although applications for Egypt from Russia were many.

If there is a ban on the fly, then why take the risk? After all, if a tourist will not be released, the hotel paid for, paid for the tour, flight paid for - of course, there will be penalties. And the money the tourists will come back. We'd love to, but in no way "- quoted a representative of the company" Voyage Time "newspaper" Izvestia ".

A source: Russia Today

Author: Russia Today

Tags: Belarus, Russia, Tourism, Egypt