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Media: Israel opposed US-Russia agreement on armistice in Syria

Israel opposes the US-Russia reconciliation agreement in southern Syria, as it does not prevent the strengthening of the forces of Iran and its satellites in the neighboring country, the Haaretz website reports with reference to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

At a meeting with journalists during his visit to Paris, the head of government first announced his attitude to the agreements that came into effect a week ago and stopped hostilities in the Syrian provinces adjacent to Israel and Jordan.

"Netanyahu told reporters after a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday that Israel is opposed to the ceasefire agreement in southern Syria agreed by the United States and Russia, as it will perpetuate the Iranian presence in this country," the publication reads.

The second channel of Israel quotes an unnamed high-ranking official who accused Iran of plans to create an aviation and naval base in Syria.

"Israel is aware of the expansionist aspirations of Iran in Syria," he quotes the website of the TV channel.

According to media reports, the authorities of the country are also unhappy that the authors of the ceasefire agreements have closed for the Iranian forces only a border zone with Israel a depth of 20 kilometers.

The leadership of the Jewish state considers Iran to be "the number one threat". Tel Aviv is concerned about the curtailed but not halted atomic project of Tehran, its missile program, the hostile rhetoric of the leadership and the support of anti-Israeli forces throughout the Middle East.

The agreement on a truce in the southern regions of Syria was approved by the presidents of Russia and the United States at the bilateral talks in Hamburg at the G20 summit.

The UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura highly appreciated the Russian-American initiative and stated that the establishment of a ceasefire in southern Syria is a significant step in the settlement of the conflict.

A source: RIA News

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