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Media: NATO was not expensive for countries in Eastern Europe

The requirement of US President Donald Trump to increase defense spending of all the countries - members of NATO to 2% of GDP led to discord in the alliance - some of it was not affordable; Czech Republic and Slovakia refuse to raise the costs to the minimum required, and Latvia agree to do so at the expense of its own citizens, Russian media reported.

MEP from the Czech Republic, a member of the Communist Party The final Katerina said the newspaper "Izvestia", the requirement that the alliance to increase defense spending does not match the current real situation in the field of security. She noted that at the present time, when there is no threat to NATO, could spend these funds much more efficiently by sending the money in education and health.

The final reported that the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia, which has a serious chance to enter the ruling coalition after the autumn parliamentary elections, supports the idea of ​​holding a referendum on the country's membership in the alliance.

As deputy head of the opposition party "Kotleba - the People's Party" Our Slovakia "Ugrik Milan, the country has also discussed the issue of holding a referendum on the expediency of NATO membership. Members have already started to collect signatures in favor of holding a plebiscite.

Meanwhile, a number of Eastern European countries are going to achieve the goals of NATO members at the expense of their own economic development. In February 2017, the Minister of Defence of Latvia Raimonds Begmanis he said that his country intends to achieve a minimum threshold to 2% in the next year.

According to the Latvian political analyst Andrei Gaponenko, to accomplish this task will be extremely difficult. He said that Riga has refused to raise teachers' salaries in spite of the promises, and the doctors are ready to organize a strike because of low salaries. He noted that more and more professionals are leaving the country to work in Scandinavia. According to experts, selected by the authorities of Latvia exchange rate will be "a serious burden for the population."

Earlier, Trump repeatedly hit with criticism of NATO, calling the alliance obsolete, and calling to change the system of financing.

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