Today: February 23 2019
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Media: US may stop financing ISS for 2025 year

Media: US may stop financing ISS for 2025 year

Tags: USA, Space, Science, Economics

The administration of President of the United States Donald Trump proposes to stop financing the International Space Station (ISS) via NASA to 2025 year. This provision is included in the draft federal budget, which is expected to be announced 12 February, TASS reported, citing the US Internet portal The Verge.

He claims to have read this document. The draft can be edited before the official publication. However, two sources assured the portal that the above mentioned situation will be preserved.

Operation of the ISS costs NASA $ 3-4 billion a year

The draft budget for the next fiscal year is subject to approval in Congress, but even the intention of the Trump administration to stop participating in the ISS financing can signal to other partners that Washington does not want to continue to contribute to the orbital complex, The Verge believes.

As the portal recalls, the operation of the ISS costs NASA $ 3-4 billion a year. The US space agency promised to finance this program until the end of 2024, but no further.

Since 2011, when the United States has written off its fleet of shuttles, the delivery of crews to the International Space Station and their return to Earth is handled by Russia. The United States rents from Russia for its astronauts space on the Soyuz spacecraft.

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