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Media: USA for the last 10 days have delivered to the Kurds 130 waggons with weapons

The United States supplied the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) 130 with weapons for the last 10 days, reports Anadolu.

According to the Turkish news agency, only Friday through Iraq to the Syrian province of Haseke arrived 50 waggon with weapons for the Kurds. In addition, on 5 June 60 trucks were sent, and 12 June - 20 trucks, RT reports.

Just a month after US President Donald Trump permitted the supply of weapons to the Kurds, 348 wagons with weapons arrived in the region.

In late May, the United States confirmed the beginning of deliveries of weapons to the Kurds. Before that, it was reported that the Kurds handed over the grenade launchers, rifles and Hummer ATVs. Turkey condemned arms deliveries.

A source: LOOK

Author: Sergei Guryanov

Tags: Middle East, Syria, USA, Arms