Today: February 21 2019
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Dogfight in Cyprus

Dogfight in Cyprus

Tags: Cyprus, Animals, Dogs

Over the past few years, illegal dog fights in Cyprus have become very common. Cruel entertainment is practiced both in the capital and in other big cities of the island.

Daily illegal dog fights in Cyprus are held in Nicosia. The stakes on such cruel competitions sometimes reach several thousand euros. One of the Cypriot veterinarians, who wished to remain anonymous, said that he regularly examines dogs affected during the fighting. This phenomenon is very common and stopping it is not so easy, according to Reporter.

Most often, young people under the age of forty are engaged in similar activities. They buy puppies of certain, fighting breeds, and then grow and train them to later use in illegal battles.

Often the owners of dogs planning to use from for the battles resort to pharmacological drugs that make dogs more aggressive and cruel.

Natalia Kudlay
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