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Dogs are kept in terrible conditions in a shelter in Larnaca

Dogs are kept in terrible conditions in a shelter in Larnaca

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On Wednesday, the animal protection party said that the dog shelter in the Larnaka area keeps its animals in terrible conditions and should be immediately closed.

She also noted that she strongly objected to the decision of the state veterinary services to provide the owner of the shelter two weeks to improve conditions for keeping animals.

This problem arose after numerous complaints in which it was told about unfortunate dogs living in unfit conditions.

According to the head of the party for the protection of animals, the room where the dogs live looks like a real dump: around the scattered bones, perhaps not only from food, but also from the remains of animals (perhaps dogs), dirt and a hideous smell everywhere.

As it turned out, the owner of the shelter has an agreement with the municipality of Lefkara. He can take stray dogs found in this area for a monthly fee of € 20 per animal "for their food, accommodation and well-being".

But instead he kept dogs in illegal premises, carried out an illegal breeding program, and also sold several dogs to hunters for 200-300 euro.

The delegation from the animal protection party headed by the leader Kiriakos Kyriaku attended the meeting on Tuesday with the mayor of Lefkara Soflocis Sophocleous, as well as the official representatives of the veterinary services of Larnaka and the representatives of the animal protection groups.

After inspecting the premises in question, the officials of the veterinary service gave the owner 15 days to clean the place.

"We do not agree with this decision of the veterinary services," Kyriaku said. "Dogs should be immediately transported to another place, and the premises demolished."

The party called upon the ministers of agriculture and interior affairs to intervene and take the matter more seriously. And also urged local authorities to be vigilant when buying services of private shelters for stray dogs and monitor contract terms that should be clear and consistent with the law.

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