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Cathedral in Crete adopted the text of the Orthodox Church's mission in the world

Cathedral passing on Crete, chaired by Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, on the first day of the approved text of the "Mission of the Orthodox Church in the modern world."

"After careful consideration of the text of the hierarchs of the Council participated in an open dialogue Individual bishops, as well as individual delegations Church presented their proposals on how to improve the text of the Pan-Orthodox, the secretariat will make corrections and resubmit it to the Fathers of the Council..", - The press service of the Council.

Hierarchs of the Holy and Great Council unanimously decided to send a message to Patriarch Ignatius Ephrem Second, expressing solidarity with him after the tragedy in the north-eastern Syria, the press-service.

The suicide bomber blew up a belt with explosives in the center of the city of El Qamishli, which is considered the capital of the Syrian Kurds and their self-proclaimed federal region. Three people died, five were injured. The purpose of the attack could be the head of the Syro-Yakovite church, Ignatius Ephraim II. At the same time in a number of media there were erroneous reports of the terrorist attack against the patriarch of Antioch John, who refused to come to the Cathedral in Crete. Patriarch Bartholomew told the participants of the Council session that he was talking about the leader of the Syro-Yakovite church, who himself was not injured, but his three assistants were killed.

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Cathedral was opened on Monday performances Patriarch Bartholomew and the Primates of the other nine local churches who came to Crete.

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew stressed the importance of unity, expressing regret over the lack of four churches. He also appealed to official observers from other churches, noting: "We have traveled together in the theological dialogue and ecumenical cooperation in our readiness to respond to theological separation of the past and the global challenges of our time."

Primates of other churches commented on the Council. In particular, the Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Hieronymus said that "the Council must emphasize the need for unity in a divided world" and the need to avoid turning it into parliament.

"Holy Cathedral to sacrifice self-interest and personal considerations in order to achieve expression of our unity and to overcome all obstacles and circumstances, which could lead to the fact that collegiality will take the parliamentary nature of Collegiality -. It is the only way to express the universality of the Church's responsibility for the conduct of this meeting. As for all of us ", - said Archbishop Jerome.

A source: RIA News

Author: Gennady Melnik

Tags: Greece, Religion, Christianity

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