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23.06.2016 - 18: 00

Cathedral of Crete approved texts on autonomy and the Diaspora

Cathedral of the Orthodox church, which takes place in Crete, chaired by the Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew, approved the two texts - for autonomy and the methods of its proclamation and the Orthodox diaspora, said Archbishop Job Telmissky, representative of the Patriarch of Constantinople in the Pan-Orthodox secretariat.

Cathedral of the Orthodox church was officially opened on Monday in Crete, chaired by the Patriarch of Constantinople. Meetings will be held until June 26 the Orthodox Academy of Crete in the village of Kolymvari. To top it failed to overcome their differences and solve disputes as a result of the largest Orthodox Church - Russian, as well as the Church of Bulgaria, Georgia, and Antioch, refused to participate in the meeting. In the discussion of the Cathedral handed six texts. Russian Church has repeatedly stressed that the Council of Crete incorrectly called "pan-Orthodox", because it does not include all the local churches.

"It is very good news for me today - we started with two documents:.. Adopted texts on the autonomy and the Diaspora all bishops are busy signing these documents will take time for this," - said the archbishop at the daily briefing.

According to him, on Wednesday it has successfully passed the session and the text of the importance of fasting and compliance. The text was approved with minor changes that are made today.

"This morning, the Cathedral has discussed the text of the sacrament of marriage and the obstacles to it was an interesting discussion in an attempt to find a consensus on the proposals expressed." - Archbishop explained.

Responding to a question about what are important documents, if not at the council there are four Orthodox Church, the Archbishop noted that it is so far that the documents are signed, there was no reception of their churches.

"This is not a conference or a scientific discussion. It's the Holy and Great Council, which is held by a unanimous decision of the Synaxis, adopted in January of this year in Chambesy. Of course, the process of the reception of his decision to begin after the Council is complete. Now we are in the process of the Council. After its complete solutions will be mandatory, "- said the representative of the Patriarch of Constantinople in the secretariat, noting that the Council - it is not just a single event, but a process that includes discussion, preparation of meetings and documents.

In turn, the Russian Orthodox Church earlier, on the contrary, drew attention to the fact that a decision meeting the Primates of the Orthodox Churches in Chambésy in January 2016 years to convene Pan-Orthodox cathedral on Crete does not really been accepted and signed by all the local churches. For example, in the document there was no signature of the Patriarchate of Antioch. Instead, a representative of the Church of Antioch, Metropolitan Isaac wrote: "The Church of Antioch does not agree with the content of the document, we refuse to sign it."

A source: RIA News

Author: Gennady Melnik

Tags: Religion, Christianity