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Christmas Eve. The Nativity of the Nativity of Christ: Why You Need to Fast to the First Star

Christmas Eve. The Nativity of the Nativity of Christ: Why You Need to Fast to the First Star

Tags: Religion, Christianity

Christmas Eve, or, as it is called, the Nativity of the Nativity of Christ is a day before the holiday, in its own way very joyful.

He is known for the tradition of serving a special, lean dish - ostrovo. Actually, that's why the day has such a name. Christmas Eve is twice a year - on Christmas Eve and on the eve of Epiphany. This is due to the fact that earlier two of these holidays were celebrated in one day.

Christmas Eve is the highest step on the way to the holiday. On this day, a particularly strict post is established. If you observe it by all rules, then you can eat only once - after Vespers, when a lighted candle will be brought to the middle of the temple. It symbolizes the star of Bethlehem. The custom not to eat until the first star can be associated with this star - a candle. Earlier this service was performed on the day before Christmas. Now the Christmas Eve is served, as a rule, on the morning of 6 January, together with the liturgy.

True, this custom has another, quite commonplace explanation: in the winter it's getting dark early, and lunch-dinner is supposed when the first star has already risen. People who honor the church charter, and today try to adhere to this tradition. And those to whom such rigor is beyond their powers, simply limit their daily ration for the sake of Christmas.

There is a belief that on the night of Christmas, and then on Christmas Eve, that is, up to the feast of Baptism, one can guess. Allegedly at this time all the secrets of the future are becoming known. This custom goes back to pagan times. Needless to say, that to the real event of Christmas, he has nothing to do? Of course, we all want a miracle, especially on New Year's Day-Christmas days. And it seems that you should look beyond the real face of being - and immediately you will learn something important about your life. However, the Church has repeatedly spoken out against fortune-telling. Christians do not accidentally express their religious feelings not with the word "knowledge", but with the word "faith." Faith assumes complete freedom in the spiritual life. A fortune telling breaks such freedom, because people try to "take the scruff of the neck" by the spiritual world and shake out the necessary information, make it the subject of knowledge, not faith. From the point of view of psychology, fortune telling is also unacceptable. A person becomes dependent on what he sees in the starry sky, in the coffee grounds or on maps. It seems to be programmed for certain actions and actions. Subconsciously, he begins to strive precisely to what is "prescribed" to him, and, thus, also deprived of the freedom of action and the ability to maneuver. As a consequence, a person seems to be deprived of responsibility for his actions, because he, so to speak, followed instructions. However, this is an illusion: you still have to answer, and if the actions turn out to be erroneous - then answer in all rigor. All this can lead to a serious problem.

Therefore the Church forbids divination. God is only where freedom is. This was expressed in the fact that He was not born in the Roman Imperial Palace, not in the chambers of King Herod. He was born in a cave, where animals are hiding in bad weather. His Christmas was not accompanied by thunder and lightning. God did not want to prove to anyone that Jesus is the Son of God Himself, whom everyone expects. He gave the human heart the freedom to choose whether to believe in Christmas or not.

So, there were only hours left before the Nativity of Christ. Ahead is the strictest time of fasting. But do not take this tragically. There are wonderful words in the Gospel - "always rejoice." They refer to everything that a person does, even to fasting. Otherwise, neither the post, nor Christmas Eve simply does not make sense.

Mitrofanova Alla
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