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The United States relocates the Daiesh grouping to Central Asia

America has created and supports the Daiesh, al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups known all over the world, using their militants to advance the interests of the empire.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, in December 1991 was formed the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the leading member of which is Russia. The CIS includes eight more states and two are associated members. All of them are former Soviet republics.

According to the statement of the head of the Anti-Terrorist Center (ATC), General Andrey Novikov, the DASH shifts its main focus from Syria and Iraq to Central Asia, including Afghanistan. The terrorist group "exports a new model of extremist and terrorist activities from the battle area (Syria and Iraq) to the countries of Central Asia."

Earlier, the grouping of the AAAA announced the creation of a new "province" with a center in Afghanistan, including the territories of other Central Asian states.

According to Novikov, "the analysis of military clashes in Afghanistan showed that local militants adopt not only the strategy, but also the tactical military techniques used by the DAIS."

Militants of the group are trying to seize certain areas, seeking to expand their power in the adjacent territories. They "have set a goal to increase their influence in the northern regions of Afghanistan and gain access to the border regions of the Central Asian states and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in China," Novikov explained.

They are fighting Taliban militants for control of certain areas, which is undoubtedly the diabolical conspiracy of Washington, which seeks to achieve a sharp escalation of conflicts and unrest in Central Asia, using terrorists as the infantry of the American empire.

According to Novikov, more than seven thousand CIS citizens are wanted for activities related to terror, and more than two thousand are currently fighting as mercenaries.

The war in Afghanistan is the longest war involving America in our time (it began in 1979), supported by the neo-cons, which Washington teems with. It has nothing to do with 11 September, a false pretext for endless aggressive wars against many countries.

Trump went on to escalate the conflict created by his predecessors, abandoning his election promises to pursue a policy of non-interference.

DASH and other terrorist groups are tools used by Washington to promote the interests of their empire, robbing and destroying one country after another. All sovereign countries are targets for its strategy of regime change, especially Russia and China.

Moscow seeks at all costs to prevent the invasion of the AIHA and other terrorist groups into its territory. This is the main reason for her intervention in the Syrian conflict at the request of President Bashar al-Assad. Russia preferred to defeat this evil there, and not to face it at home.

The growing concentration of militants in the countries of Central Asia leads to the fact that they are too close to the borders of Russia. It is likely that this is a secret US operation to destabilize the situation and create riots in Russia.

America's obsession with undisputed world domination puts humanity at risk of an unthinkable war between the world's leading nuclear powers that threatens the survival of mankind.

Trump proved that he is no less merciless and irresponsible than his predecessors. The surrounding swamp, swarming with neocons and generals, driven by vested interests, threatens life on planet Earth.

A source: MixedNews

Author: Stephen Lendman - American writer, political activist and radio news anchor Go

Tags: USA, IG, Terrorism, Asia, Russia, Analytics

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