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Agreement on security zones in Syria resembles a "big deal"

Sensational result ended meeting between Putin and Erdogan. Based on its results, the two leaders said they reached - including Trump - an agreement on the establishment in Syria of so-called security zones. This is a fundamental change in Moscow's position. Does it mean the same "grand bargain" between Russia and the United States, about which so much talk lately?

The fact that Russia agrees to the establishment of a security zone in Syria, it became known in mid-afternoon on Wednesday, at the peace talks in Astana, which was attended by the delegation of the government and the rebels, the interested powers, such as Iran, Turkey and Russia, as well as mediators from UN. Moreover, Russian diplomats have not simply agreed to the idea, which has long offered the Turks and Americans, but immediately put forward a specific plan for their creation and arrangement.

But the main sensation has already sounded in the late afternoon, at the end of the Summit, held in Sochi, Russia, and Turkey. Consent Russia announced President Vladimir Putin after talks with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan. According to him, the establishment of security zones (zones de-escalation) in Syria will strengthen the ceasefire. Putin also said that on the eve of the establishment of zones and discussed with the US President, Donald Trump, and Washington supports this measure.

Putin noted that Russia held preliminary consultations with Damascus and Tehran, and now Moscow and Ankara are counting on a final decision on the matter by the negotiators in Astana. According to the newspaper VIEW, Putin added that the control of the truce in the safety zones shall be subject to separate negotiation, and the war on terror in Syria will continue, and after the establishment of zones.

The President also expressed the hope that the peace process will lead to the restoration of the territorial integrity of Syria and unified management. In this case, the creation of security zones, according to Putin, suggests that these areas will not operate military aircraft, reports TASS. About the fact no-fly zone and informed the press-secretary of the president of Russia.

Later in the afternoon the Syrian Foreign Ministry also welcomed the agreement to establish a de-escalation of the zones. It seems that for the first time in six years of war in Syria, the great powers of the world have found a formula for this country.

In those same hours, as if in unison with the participants of the meeting in Astana Sochi and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the United States and Russia have agreed to start the restoration of relations with the co-operation for the settlement of the Syrian conflict. And the press service of the White House unexpectedly dissociated itself from the attacks the FBI head, who a few hours earlier called Russia "the biggest threat" to American democracy. But Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the contacts with the US on Syria through its agencies will continue.

Projects to create no-fly zones in Syria also offered the administration of Barack Obama, but they were never implemented. Russia was categorically against such initiatives. At a hearing in the US Congress, the head of the Pentagon once said that the introduction of such zones means, in fact, a direct clash with the Russian armed forces, which means that it is simply impossible for America.

However, Donald Trump at the end of January, once came to power, has promised that "uniquely create safe zones in Syria", he even signed a decree demanding that his administration and the Pentagon over 90 days to prepare a plan. However, if treated in the call Trump cautiously in Russia. Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that with Moscow on this issue had not been consulted. But here 90 days passed - and it turned out that the diplomats all the time is not messing around on both sides, the agreement is ready.

Still not a bargain, but "a good sign"

Member of the Federation Council's international affairs committee, the former head of Domestic Policy Department of the presidential administration Oleg Morozov has called "a very good sign" an agreement on the establishment of security zones. However, he warned against the use of the term "transaction".

"Creation of such zones - our old idea, and the task was to drag into this idea of ​​partners, on which the resolution of the conflict in Syria. The fact that today our two key partner - the United States and Turkey - are prepared in principle to support this idea - it is a very positive sign. But here it is not necessary illusions and believe that we have already found the key to all the Syrian problem. I think this is still the beginning, "- said Morozov VIEW newspaper.

The senator does not believe that Russia is now distancing itself from Assad. "According to my information, Assad supported the idea of ​​the four zones. This is done with the full consent of Assad. It can not be in any other way. Russia still says that we are in Syria at the invitation of the legitimate government and we can not operate there without coordinating its position with Assad, "- said Morozov.

Meanwhile, the head of the Russian delegation at the talks in Astana Alexander Lavrentiev said: combating terrorist gangs in the four areas will be engaged in the security forces of the moderate opposition, with the support of the guarantor countries. Zones should be four - in Idlib, north of the city of Homs, in Eastern Guta and in the south, and to protect them have neutral contingents from countries involved in the conflict.

However, rebels in Astana has not yet given consent to the Russian proposal. One of the emissaries of the moderate opposition, said that the request written responses to a number of issues, including on some specific areas. But if the idea of ​​support and Turkey, and the United States, it is unlikely the rebels will long persist.

Americans will be more cautious and Ukraine

"Having defeated politically in Syria, having stopped there a series of regime changes and having fulfilled virtually all the goals, we now have enough strong positions to begin negotiating. Especially in the end, eventually, any agreement is necessary, because the war is endless and can suck us, "the honorary head of the Council for Foreign and Defense Policy, dean of the Faculty of World Economy and World Politics Sergei Karaganov told the newspaper VIEW. The political scientist stressed that Russia should live "with its own mind, not with Assad's mind." "Preserving Assad in power is not our goal in Syria. Our goal is to achieve a relatively stable peace in Syria, "the expert explained.

Karaganov does not exclude that in the future the United States could go to any concessions to Russia, including in Ukraine. "Everything is interconnected in the world. If there are some general capital, then all sides there is a desire not profukannyh them. Accordingly, it is clear that the Americans will behave more cautiously in all other places, not necessarily only on the issue of Ukraine ", - he concluded.

A source: LOOK

Author: Yuri Zaynashev Andrew Rezchikov

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