Today: February 17 2019
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The state of water in the park Atalasse is apprehensive

The state of water in the park Atalasse is apprehensive

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The Department of Forestry of Cyprus urged the population to avoid contact with the lake water of the National Park of Atalassa in connection with the death of a large number of fish.

At the moment, experts are finding out what caused the massive loss of marine life - mostly goldfish and carp - in the lake in March. The results of laboratory tests excluded versions of the virus disease and any harmful bacteria introduced. However, biological and biochemical analyzes revealed a state of eutrophication of the reservoir (saturation with biogenic elements, accompanied by an increase in biological productivity). Microorganisms, such as algae and plankton, thrive in such a lake that can have serious negative consequences for fish and birds.

The Department of Forestry, in cooperation with the Department of Water Resources, will examine in detail the impact of eutrophication on the quality of lake water.

The same phenomenon was observed in February 2014 year, but on a much larger scale. The problem at that time, according to the services, was the high level of phytoplankton Prymnesium parvum in the water. This type of plankton is capable of releasing toxins that can cause massive fish deaths.

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