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Rescuers of Cyprus found a stolen wheelchair for bathing disabled people

Association of professional rescuers Limassol reported the discovery of a special chair designed for swimming in the sea of ​​people with disabilities.

It was stolen from Dassudi beach in Limassol. The Germansoyi police station received an anonymous call. The unknown person reported the location of the wheelchair. It was hidden in a house not far from Dassudi Park.

"We thank everyone for their help in finding the chair", - rescuers of Limassol wrote on their page in the social network Facebook.

Police are investigating the circumstances of kidnapping the chair for bathing disabled people.

The stroller is designed in such a way that only people with disabilities can use it to get into the sea. For nothing else it is not intended. She was abducted from Dassudi Beach in the evening of 14 July.


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