Today: December 14 2018
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The Rescue of the Turtles of Cyprus

The Rescue of the Turtles of Cyprus

Tags: Cyprus, Animals, Diving, Sea

A team of divers from the sports center of the University of Nicosia and the Oceanographic Center of Cyprus will hold a joint mission - they are going to clean the sea in the Lachi region and the peninsula Akamas in the West of Cyprus from abandoned fishing nets, Cyprus Mail reported.

This mission is part of the Life Euroturtles project - to protect rare species of Cypriot turtles from human interference in the ecosystem. Life Euroturtles aims to increase the population of rare species of turtles, in particular, the Carretta-Caretta inhabiting Cyprus and the green. And abandoned fishing gear are a serious threat to them.

The Life Euroturtles project is supported and developed by several countries - Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta and Slovenia.

Gleb Nekrasov
Cyprus Butterfly
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