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UN Special Envoy Eide completes business in Cyprus

Special adviser of the UN Secretary General on Cyprus Espen Bart Eide 3 August will hold separate meetings with both leaders of the communities of Cyprus before giving a farewell reception and finally leaving Cyprus.

Mustafa Akynji confirmed his presence in the reception, and President Nikos Anastasiadis has not yet. Recall, they have not met since the 7 July ended in vain the negotiations in Switzerland.

Eide's visit to Cyprus this week will be the last before he leaves for Norway to participate in the September elections. However, he is still in the posts of special adviser and will prepare a report on the negotiations for the UN Security Council.

Espen Bart Eide took up his post in August 2014, replacing Australian diplomat Alexander Downer. He managed to bring the positions of the sides closer on many key issues more than anyone before him. He coordinated two international conferences and three bilateral sessions in Switzerland, but was unable to overcome what is traditionally called the "last mile", recognizing that it was this final period that was the most difficult.

A source: VC

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