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Special adviser for the investigation of the "Russian case" has too good a reputation

The American elite took a new step against the president of his own country: a special adviser was appointed to investigate the so-called Russian cause. Trump's opponents hope that it will come to the point of impeachment. However, Robert Muller, who occupied this post, is too independent. And this, strangely enough, can even play Trump on hand.

American hysteria around alleged links between President Donald Trump and his campaign headquarters with Russia, as well as interference of the latter in the US elections, seems to be coming to a climax. Deputy Prosecutor General Rod Rosenstein eventually decided to appoint a special adviser to investigate "Russian relations" and "Russian intervention." And such a special adviser was the former head of the FBI, Robert Mueller.

Why do you need a special adviser?

"A special adviser is needed to ensure that Americans are confident of the result (investigation)," said Rosenstein.

A special adviser is appointed in those cases when there is reason to doubt that an investigation by the usual order will be objective, there is a conflict of interests interfering with the investigation, or "other exceptional circumstances". The decision on his appointment is taken by the US Attorney General or, if he can not do so for any reason (as in the present case), his deputy.

The Special Adviser has all the powers of the federal prosecutor, but is an independent person. He acts outside the framework of the existing subordination, not submitting to the Ministry of Justice, nor the government, nor the Congress, nor the president. The only one who can remove him from work is the Prosecutor General or his deputy (that is, the same one who appointed him). Such an order is needed precisely in the case when an investigation is being conducted against the government and the highest state officials.

At the same time, Congress and the FBI can continue to conduct their own investigations in parallel. In addition, the competence of the special adviser can be expanded, for example, if he needs to investigate new circumstances or related cases that have arisen in the process.

"This is a step towards the opponents of the president, because this person has already been dismissed (as director of the FBI James Komi) will not succeed until the end of the investigation," the political scientist-Americanist Dmitry Drobnitsky told the newspaper.

Who is Robert Müller?

Robert Muller, in spite of his playful nickname Bobby the Three Sticks (in connection with his full name - Robert Swann Muller III) - is a very influential figure and respected in American government, political and legal circles. He was born in New York in 1944 year. He graduated from Princeton University (Bachelor of Arts) in 1966 year, and a year later received a master's degree in international relations at New York University. Then three years he served as an officer in the Marine Corps of the United States, fought in Vietnam, commanded a platoon. Among his awards - medals "Bronze Star", "Purple Heart", as well as "Vietnam Cross of Valor". After graduation, he received his doctorate in law from the University of Virginia in 1973.

After Muller alternated work in private law firms with public service in the apparatus of federal prosecutors and the Ministry of Justice. In 1998, he became the federal prosecutor of San Francisco. It was from this post that he was appointed by George W. Bush, Jr. FBI director in 2001. In 2011, Barack Obama proposed, as an exception, to extend the powers of Mueller for this post for another two years (in excess of the maximum term established in 10 years). It is noteworthy that both times Congress approved its appointment without a single vote against. The reason for this is that, formally being a Republican, he always demonstrated political neutrality and the ability to find a common language with representatives of both major parties. After his resignation in 2013, he was engaged in private legal practice.

Muller stayed on as FBI director the longest since John Edgar Hoover. He came to the bureau directly before the terrorist attacks in the US 11 September 2001, and his main goal was to reform and strengthen the special services, as well as shifting the focus of its activities towards the fight against terrorism. His work is mostly appreciated positively, although there are also negative reviews, in particular, the creation of the FBI electronic database announced by him was not very successful and with significant expenses.

In addition, there are two noteworthy moments in the career of a new special adviser. In 2004, Müller, along with James Komi (then the US deputy prosecutor general), insisted on George W. Bush's review of the surveillance program inside the US, which the Justice Department called unconstitutional, threatening to resign. However, he later spoke about the surveillance and wiretapping of US citizens as a whole, positively, noting the necessity of such a measure in order to maintain national security, and such activity of the FBI with him only intensified.

Another interesting fact is that the law firm Wilmer Hale, in which he worked after his resignation from the office, represents the interests of Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, as well as the head of Donald Trump Paul Manafort's campaign headquarters (and this means that he does not Can conduct an investigation against these people within the next year, unless they receive a special permit from the Justice Ministry).

Reaction to the appointment

The appointment of Mueller was positively received by the political elite of the United States as a whole. American politicians note the highest competence and vast experience of the former director of the FBI. Not the last emphasis is placed on its political neutrality.

"Robert Muller - a man with a good name as a lawyer and as a man who, in particular, led the investigation of the September 11 attacks, brought together all the information that was", - said Dmitry Drobnitsky.

The rapid reaction of Mueller's statement to the post of special adviser caused the Western media. They reacted with great excitement to this news, especially relishing the fact that Rosenstein made this decision without first notifying Trump or the Congress, but only after putting them before the fact. However, these press arguments seem somewhat strange. "Everything is done strictly according to the procedure, it really should be appointed by the Attorney General, but Jeff Sessions withdrew from any investigation related to the election, as he was at Donald Trump's headquarters. Therefore, Rosenstein acted quite in accordance with their competence, "- said Dmitry Drobnitsky.

American publications expect that Muller will be able to prove the connection between Trump and his team with Russia, allegedly interfered in the American elections. Against this background, the press burst out with new fabrications about the possible impeachment of the 45 president of America. She unearthed unpublished records of a year ago, where a Republican congressman jokes that Putin is paying Trump, noting that perhaps it is not so far from the truth.

In our country, Dmitry Peskov, the presidential press secretary, noted that the appointment of a special adviser is an internal affair of the United States, and the Kremlin has nothing to comment on. Yesterday, President Putin himself expressed his opinion on the very anti-Tramp and anti-Russian campaign in America, calling the Trump accusing people of connections with Moscow either stupid or dangerous and stressing that they are destroying the domestic political situation in the United States.

America is at war with itself

All this hysteria in the US has long been like the theater of the absurd. However, in this bacchanalia, real motives gradually appear. And the problem here is not at all in Russia, which is only an instrument in the hands of the American establishment. Washington in this case "war" not with Moscow and its far-fetched influence, but with itself.

In reality, the goal of this campaign is Donald Trump. His words that "this is the largest witch-hunt in American history, directed against a politician" and not one politician in history has been treated worse than with him, is not so far from the truth. Blocking all his initiatives in the courts and Congress, hysteria in the media, accusations of links with authoritarian leaders of other countries, as well as with Russia, attempts to expose him inadequate straggling, as well as talk about impeachment - a single berries field. The political establishment expects to trump the inconvenient Trump for him or squeeze out the leadership of the country and hopes that the new special adviser will help him in this.

Дмитрий Дробницкий подчеркнул: «Если слушать демократов, либеральную прессу, то им кажется, что до импичмента рукой подать». При этом эксперт отметил: «Если посмотреть, с трамповской стороны никаких возражений по данному вопросу нет, даже есть в некотором смысле определенное облегчение, что наконец это дело уже когда-то закончится».

"Trump's opponents hope to squeeze, perhaps in the end to bring the situation to the impeachment. But I do not think that the goals of impeachment of Trump are seriously put, but weakening of his maximum, overlapping from all sides - probably yes. It is clear that the retention of this topic on the Trump agenda is objectively weakening, "member of the Council of the Association of Political Experts and Consultants, an associate professor of the Department of Political Theory of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (CIM) Kirill Koktysh told VZGLYAD.

In all this there is one important nuance, and this is the figure of Miiller himself. After all, if he is really so competent, objective and independent, what will he discover during his investigation? It is unclear where the real facts and evidence of the American media's fabrications about Russian hackers rigging elections and Russian intelligence agent Trumpe should come from.

"There, apparently, it is hardly possible to find anything. In this sense, the situation will safely pass its cycle and will come to an end. But if the goal is to patch nerves, they will, in any case, batter them, regardless of the results of the investigation, "said Kirill Koktysh.

"It is clear that for all this time, while the Congress was working, there were FBI, etc., in general, zero facts are established, just zero. I do not think that the special prosecutor will dig up something else on this issue, "said Dmitry Drobnitsky. - It is important that this is really an independent person who enjoys the support of both parties. Therefore, things that are unpleasant for the opponents of Trump and for the Obama administration can be revealed. Well, it's clear that Trump's campaign was followed, audited, possibly with violation of the law. "

And if Muller is not so objective, he can support the special services close to him and his colleague James Komi and sidetrack the opponents of the US president. However, it can also happen vice versa, and in favor of this option says that he is still a Republican, as well as his work in a law firm representing the interests of Trump's family and environment. All this suggests that the excessive self-confidence of the opponents of the president is premature, and Trump has every chance to get out of this fight as a winner.

A source: LOOK

Author: Nikita Kovalenko

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