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02.07.2017 - 10: 42

Spiegel: pre-election fear caused Merkel to change his mind about the "devilish project" of Moscow

Many German partners insult Germany that Berlin "openly promotes the business of Vladimir Putin" - the project of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline, Der Spiegel writes. The thing is that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is afraid of a new conflict with the Russian president, because only two years ago she was categorically against the construction of the gas pipeline and even called it "the devil's project" of Moscow, the newspaper notes.

The project of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline splits Europe, Der Spiegel writes. "And now - as in times of crisis in the EU and dramas with refugees - Germany is accused of unceremonious pursuit of their own interests."

As the newspaper notes, many European partners of the German government "especially offend" that Berlin "openly promotes the business of Russian President Vladimir Putin." After the completion of the construction of the new pipeline 70% of Russian gas for the EU will come to Germany - bypassing Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic states.

Nord Stream 2 is a Nord Stream-2 company, a joint venture of the Russian concern Gazprom and German energy companies such as BASF and Uniper. The head of the same board of directors of Nord Stream 2 is Germany's ex-chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, recalls Der Spiegel.

It is striking, however, that the current Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel supports the construction of the "Nord Stream - 2", continues the publication. And this is despite the fact that only two years ago the head of the German government called him "a devil's project," Der Spiegel is perplexed. "But why, given this, is she holding on to him persistently?" - the publication asks the question.

According to the Christian Democratic Union, Merkel "is afraid of a new conflict with the Russian president: not least because of the approaching elections to the Bundestag." In addition, many German residents believe that "the German government has gone too far in the issue of sanctions against Moscow," adds Der Spiegel.

По мнению немецкого издания, Меркель не выгодно отказываться от проекта и потому, что американцы в последнее время усилили давление на Европу. Недавно сенат США решил ужесточить санкции против Москвы. «Сенаторы совместили своё решение с открытыми угрозами в адрес европейских фирм, которые ведут газовые дела с Россией, — поясняет Der Spiegel. — После этого министр иностранных дел Германии Зигмар Габриэль и канцлер Австрии Кристиан Керн публично обвинили сенаторов в том, что под видом санкций они лоббируют интересы американской газовой индустрии. Даже если грубый тон Габриэля и не пришёлся Меркель по душе, у неё не было другого выбора, как встать на сторону главы МИД ФРГ».

A source: InoTV

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