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18.05.2017 - 10: 12

"Clinton List" replenished particularly suspicious corpse

In America scandal, hardly noticeable for the next shaft accusations Trump. The so-called list of the Clintons - the list of suspicious deaths, surrounded by the famous couple - added another victim. This victim - a man whose actions are blamed on "Russian hacker" and whose history resembles a Hollywood political thriller.

It seems, "Russian hacker" can be considered justified. According to US media, a man who has merged Wikileaks internal correspondence of the Democratic Party leadership, was an employee of the National Committee of the party. His name was Seth Rich. Now Set Rich dead.

American detective

Federal investigator, whose name is not disclosed yet, read the letter, which he wrote Gavin Rich Makfaydenu - a close friend and patron of Julian Assange. From January to May 2016 years Rich has sent him a thousand letters 44 senior Democrats. Of them, and it became clear that the party elite played for Hillary Clinton against Bernie Sanders and virtually forced him to retire.

As is known, the publication of this correspondence on Wikileaks caused a severe crisis and the split in the ranks of the Democrats. Attempts to "drown" the increasingly popular Sanders, who is now considered by sociologists, in the final would easily beat Trump due to "rust-belt" states, broke all intra-ethics and exhibited Clinton banal fraud. Leakage of this correspondence as a result has become one of the main reasons for the defeat of the Democrats in the elections.

Leaders of the Democratic Party immediately accused of stealing the emails now legendary "Russian hackers." The theme was picked up trained media - and rushed. In this case, for the accusations against the Russian completely lost the theme, which was necessarily sound - to conduct an internal investigation to the National Committee. The only thing that was known to the public - to resign gone head NC Debbie Wasserman Schultz, personally promotes Clinton Sanders instead. The rest of it looked as though the leadership of Democrats are absolutely not interested, how could someone to "merge" Assange is so sharp and dangerous information inside.

In fact, such an investigation was carried out, but it was done in secret. After all, that Wikileaks has in the National Committee of the informant, the Democrats realized even in the winter 2016-th. In one published meil dated 22 February, the head of election headquarters of Klinton Dzhon Podesta wrote: "I am definitely in favor of it in order to punish the suspect in the sink, no matter whether we have a real reason to do so or not."

Recent letters from the Tax Rich Makfaydenu sent in late May. Fateful publication on Wikileaks 22 held in July. A twelve days before she was murdered by Seth Rich.

The circumstances of his death raises many questions. About four o'clock in the morning, he was walking along the Washington area Bloomingdale home from the bar, talking on a cell phone with his girlfriend. He had come to the house just a hundred meters. Suddenly she heard in the tube some noise. Rich said he called her back, but never called back. At dawn it was found with two bullet wounds. Two hours later he died in the hospital.

He survived the attack on video Rich, which show two people shooting at him. The night the street was empty. The attackers took nothing - no wallet, no watch, no smartphone. However, the Washington police are still developing a version of the robbery. During the year the investigation had found no suspects, no witnesses, no motive - nothing. It did not help even a generous promise of reward in the amount of 125 thousand dollars.

Shocked by the death of his 27-year-old son, Rich parents have hired a famous private investigator, a former Washington investigator for particularly important cases Rod Wheeler - a person close to the Republicans, and appears regularly on Fox News. Wheeler and sensational information procured by federal investigators about Rich correspondence with Wikileaks, announcing this information to the air of "native" channel Fox 5.

Republican press gladly picked up the scandalous revelations ties slaughtered by an employee of the Democratic Party. If Rich really was an informant Wikileaks, then the chief beneficiary of his death looks Democratic leadership and personally Hillary Clinton.

Detective Wheeler believes that the death of Rich was not banal murder for robbery. "It is important to understand that if there is such a huge reward ... and no one comes to share information, it means that this is no ordinary crime, - he says. - So, the investigator should look for other motives of the murder of this guy ... This case can be associated with a tangle of problems in Washington. "

Rich parents deny the possibility that their son could betray the interests of his party. However, it is clearly hinted at Rich Dzhulian Assanzh in an August interview with Dutch television. "Our informants serious risk, - he said - just seriously. Take at least this 27-year-old employee of JP NC, who was killed with two shots in the back in Washington two weeks ago, for some unknown reason, when he was just walking down the street ... ". "But it was a robbery," - interrupted Assange lead. - No, no such data, "- said the founder of Wikileaks. And a reward of 20 thousand dollars for any information about Rich's murder.

Interesting and personal contacts of the victim. The National Committee for its literally "the handle" resulted in his wife's former employer Jane Klib - ardent environmentalist and passionate fan of Bernie Sanders. It could well alert intrigue Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman Schultz against his idol.

Gavin Makfayden - old human rights activist, well-known journalist and filmmaker, met in his London home crowd leftists and anarchists - was also a friend of Bernie Sanders and, old friend. They met in 1960-years in Chicago, where he participated together in the left movement. Perhaps not by chance that he Seth Rich shipped correspondence Democrats. Friends Sanders shocked by how cynical Democrats push out guide him out of the race, it could be used to expose the conspiracy Rich in DNC. Especially because he himself supported Sanders and was, according to the parents, "an idealist who believed in America."

bloody harvest

Murder Rich - is not the first strange murder surrounded the couple Bill and Hilari Klintonov. On the Internet walking hundreds of "investigations" zazyvno with names like "death Clintons List". In these lists it appears from several tens to hundred-odd names. Serious media ignore them as absurd conspiracy types of myths about the Reptilians. Meanwhile, the first such list was quite formal. I introduced him to investigate on Kapitaliysky former Congressman Hill from Republicans William Dannemeyer. It 24 behalf of the people of the surroundings of the Clintons, who died under mysterious circumstances.

In the 1993 year, when Bill Clinton was the first president, lawyer Linda Thompson he published a book, "the Clintons: counting the dead. Coincidence or kiss of death? "In it figured 34 behalf of friends, lovers, partners, colleagues, assistants of the presidential couple, ahead of time to say goodbye to life.

The death of friends and business associates of the Clintons has always been a keen interest of Republicans, it was widely used in the political struggle and went public in the press. In the 1990-e it is not considered a conspiracy.

It caused a lot of noise in the same year 1993, and the mysterious suicide Vinsenta Fostera - friend and business partner of the Clintons, has all the information about their finances. He was found in a park with a bullet through his head. The body was weakened, but the blood itself was not there, and a suicide note was written by different hands. Pistol from which he allegedly shot himself, Foster did not belong. His prints on the gun, too, was not found.

With the submission of the Republicans this case was investigated three times. One Republican congressman even faked the death of Foster in the yard of his home, using a model of his head melon, cantaloupe, and concluded that "it could not be suicide." Investigators, however, he was not convinced. However, the president of the Trump recently mentioned in his speech, the death of Foster, calling it "doubtful" and reminded that many people (although one of them does not belong) do not believe the official version of suicide.

The most exotic of the death of "the list of the Clintons' conspiracy theorists believe the death of a British spy, an expert on hacking codes Gareth Williams. Williams worked at the MI-6, a little moonlighting for the CIA, and one seems to be hacked into the server where the personal information is kept Bill Clinton. August 23 2010 in London nudity 31-year-old Williams was discovered in a red sports bag. Bag was in the bath and was closed. The key was on the bag inside, under the body of Williams. No damage was not on the body. Fingerprint Williams was not on the bag or on the bathtub.

Three years London police tried to find out whether they say Williams killed in an accident. Over time 400 conducted investigative experiments, involving even a yoga instructor who tried to get into the bag, close the inside and not leave fingerprints anywhere. In November 2013, one of the experiments, finally succeeded. Investigators have reported that the spy accidentally killed during an erotic experiment. The case was closed.

In one roofing 2016 was killed a few people who have had conflicts with the Clintons. In June, unsuccessfully dropped the barbell on his neck, John Uilyam Esh, former chairman of the UN General Assembly. He was supposed to testify about illegal financing of election campaign Hillari Klinton.

In August, he was found shot dead journalist Victor Thorn, author of books exposing the links Clintons with arms and drug trafficking. In one of his television interview Thorne warned master: "If you ever find me killed, you must know, it's not a suicide. I never kill myself. " Verdict investigators was - suicide.

The very next day, was found dead in his bath Sean Lucas supporter of Bernie Sanders and a lawyer who had to investigate fraud in the Democratic Party with the popular vote in the primaries.

Perhaps all this is coincidence. But, says the King of American conspiracy Rush Limbaugh, "why everyone knows about the" Clinton List ", but no one talks about" Obama's list "or list of Bush?"

A source: LOOK

Author: Victoria Nikiforov

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