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Sportsmen of Cyprus will receive bonuses for participating in the Olympic Games

Cypriot athletes and their trainers will receive a bonus reward of about 413 thousand euros for participating in the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio at 2016. Such awards will be provided by the Cyprus Sports Organization.

The Ministry of Education provided the parliament with a bill to amend the budget of the Cyprus sports organization 2016. The bill was created to cover the bonus reward to athletes for participating in the Olympics and Paralympic Games 2016: 319 thousand euros for athletes, 93 910 euros for coaches. Also, the bill provides for an amount of 375 thousand euros, which will be used to sponsor nine football refugee clubs.

The bill will be carefully considered by the House of Representatives' Finance Committee immediately after the presidential election, reports Philenews. The Ministry of Education, in turn, has already registered a list of athletes and their coaches who will receive cash allowances. A list of refugee clubs was also registered, which will receive financial support.

A source: RuCy

Author: Elena Savchenko

Tags: Cyprus, Olympic Games, Sports

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