Today: December 11 2018
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"Sleeping" awakened the demons

"Sleeping" awakened the demons

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The premiere of the series "Sleeping", held last week on the First Channel, has already become an event of social and political life. What the authors call espionage drama turned out to be also a political pamphlet, which the liberal cosmopolitan public rightly took into account. And she was very indignant - starting the persecution of director Yuri Bykov and accusing the authorities of preparing "a new 37 year". What did the "Sleepers" wake up?

Everyone has already noticed that this year a number of film premieres caused just a storm of controversy in society - from the Christmas "Viking" and ending with "Matilda" not yet released. Now came the series of serials - on the approach of "Trotsky", and last week came "Sleeping" - eight episodes of the first season.

Second, however, most likely, and will not be - after the premiere of the director Yuri Bykov announced his temporary departure from the profession - after the liberal public branded the film as a non-armored, Chekist and "justifying terror against liberals."

Bykov, who is openly called a "traitor", however, had the courage to say goodbye to what he thinks:

"With all my existing claims to power, I do not share the approach:" The whole world of violence we will destroy to the ground, and then ... ". The more I see the geopolitical situation today, I see how we annoy the West, how it sleeps and sees to bring us to nothing. That's the movie "Sleeping" - not about the bad or good Russia, but about the Orange Revolution, this is the plot I wanted to show the audience.

"Sleeping" is a light version of what I wanted to say about the geopolitical situation, about the confrontation of the two civilizations: the eastern and the western. On the confrontation between liberals and conservatives ...

Probably, I have such education - I can not give up my roots, identity. The liberals today are clearly overdoing the stick, devaluing, as it seems to me, the notions of patriotism, freedom, and many others. For me, there are sacred things, and the liberal public is convinced - everything must be desacralized.

..Because I am internally close to conservative, sacred values. I see that anti-Russian sentiments around the world, and even inside the country, are being quite seriously inflated. The enlightened part of society tries to stop correlating itself directly with Russianness and citizenship. And I'm confused, and frankly speaking, my hands are falling ... I think that after this, we need to take a long pause or even leave the movie altogether.

Frankly, in the "Sleeping", I just freaked out and thought: "Although in this form, a large audience must speak out so that the Orange Revolution does not happen. And now I'm sitting and thinking: but people still have to protest. Because if they do not like something and they are silent, it's even worse. "

Despite some inconsistency Bykov, his main idea is clear - I'm a patriot, I shot a film about the dangers of the Orange Revolution, but the reality is more complicated, and I'm not at all a police state, but I'm being denounced by the progressive public, I'm leaving. But no matter what the director thinks now, the film "Sleepers" has already become an event of political life. And that's why.

We will not analyze the artistic merits and demerits of the film - it is made in the genre of an espionage detective who has his own fans and opponents. The references to the western series are unquestionable - and if you compare the "Sleeping" with them, then for someone it will be at the level, and for someone much weaker. But even this is not a matter of principle - it is clear that this is not a "House of Cards", either for directorial work, for the actors, or for the level as a whole. But at the same time "Sleeping" is not worse, or even better than the many TV series that are going on our TV (extremely weak, yes, alas) - so they do not scold him for that.

Similarly, it is strange to analyze the reliability of the events depicted: the film, unlike the historical dramas of the Matilda type, does not pretend to display real events and real characters.

Exactly how the FSB and the CIA work, how major interstate contracts are being prepared, how they recruit - that, as shown in the vast majority of films, that our, that American, is very far from reality.

It is clear that the "Sleepers" are an exaggeration, deliberately built with hints of real events and existing characters - well, American "Card House" or "Boss" (a brilliant series about the mayor of Chicago and a party machine that lasted only a couple of seasons) are built on the same principle. Yes, there, if desired, you can see Navalny, Dvorkovich, Patrushev, and McFaul - but the film is not about them.

Formally, he is talking about the operation that Americans are trying to conduct in Russia, using their "sleeping", that is, conserved agents - and everything is happening allegedly in 2013 year. The purpose of the operation is not very clear - it seems to be a disruption of the Russian-Chinese gas contract, but the ending of the film calls into question this too. However, all eight series we see the confrontation of honest state-officers, chekists and traitors from the high strata of society. And the main thing is not the traitors themselves, but the atmosphere in which they operate.

The atmosphere of that same contempt for one's own country and hatred of power, from which all this "elite" public feeds. Dialogues and monologues that provoked the representatives of this stratum aroused indignation of our cosmopolitan public - how, yes, this is lies and discredit, this is the same inciting to us a common people, and this is justification of future repressions.

The authors of the film are accused that they have a real opposition declared CIA agents - that is, the idea is being introduced that only a traitor can be against the authorities. But in the film this is not - all opponents of the authorities have their own convictions and are not agents of the CIA (in the worst case they are manipulated), and the fact that one of the "sleeping" works as a popular journalist does not at all cancel out his slender system of views. The problem is that these views are not anti-Putin, or even anti-Chekist - and anti-Russian. And it's really ugly - but here the authors of the film do not invent anything: what their heroes say is still a rather mild form of what revolves among the "best people".

At the same time in the series, after all, the whole set of claims against the authorities and the FSB, which the non-system opposition makes - "all and everything, oprichniki, all dissenters kill, there is no freedom of speech" constantly sounds. But the viewer does not believe them, but what the protagonist, the Chekist, who returned to Moscow after 15 years of work abroad: "the most dissatisfied here are not hungry, but well fed" who "will leave the country in fifteen minutes, if the chance arises" .

The problem with this film is not that the actors play poorly or the script is weak - the very idea of ​​"sleeping" is generally taken from the slang of the Western special services, so they called our agents, in addition, Hollywood took more of our films. The problem with this film is that, even if it is completely lapidary, it is non-talented and forehead, it showed the split that exists in the Russian "elite", that is, among the meeting of politicians, businessmen, media workers who control Russia. This schism was all post-Soviet years - it was just initially the pro-Western, cosmopolitan forces virtually reigned supreme in almost all sections of the elite.

Putin in 2000-x began a gradual cleaning - but in 2011-2012 years, the "elite" tried to throw it out of the history ship. Putin's response to the nationalization of the elite led to the fact that by the year 2017 the positions of "cosmopolitans" had been catastrophically undermined in the political environment - but still very strong in the other sections of the establishment. And as the presidential election of 2018 approaches, these people are nervous, afraid to lose their positions completely in the next term of Putin. And everywhere there are signs and signs of the onset of "the last times". So in the movie "Sleeping" they saw such a signal - and were horrified, and rebelled.

At the same time, "Sleeping" is just a movie. Neither Putin nor the Kremlin sends through him any signals to "the best people." Their positions have already been undermined and will be lost by them in the short term. But not because of the struggle of the FSB with the CIA or the Kremlin with "irreconcilable opposition", but because the people are awake and putting things right in their house. Nothing personal, nothing Putin's - just ends the time of double life, double-mindedness, dual belief. Time parasites, sucked to the country they disliked and the power they hated - and depicting at the same time its victim.

Peter Akopov
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