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22.04.2017 - 08: 27

US reached the limit of the world's problems

President Donald Trump said he did not want to involve his country in the settlement of the situation in Libya. "I do not see the role of the (US) in Libya. I think that the United States already play enough roles ", - assured the US leader, speaking at a joint press conference with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, who is on an official visit to Washington.

Paolo Gentiloni came to Donald Trump a month before the summit of the "Big Seven" - the end of May the Italian prime minister will take the American president in Sicily. On this island sometimes well seen Africa, which in Roman times was called Libya.

Through a country with such a title now goes to Europe, one of the main flows of refugees - after in 2011 year as a result of Western intervention was overthrown by Gaddafi and Libya itself collapsed. Now her neighbor Italy does not know how to build the country together - that is, does not know that the whole of Europe, but for the Italians it is a matter of national security. And they, in contrast to the British and French, have a vested interest in preventing the collapse of Libya - and are trying to attract to work on this US and Russia.

Preceded by Paolo Gentiloni Matteo Renzi (which may well return to the premiership after the next parliamentary elections, expected by the beginning of next year) has repeatedly tried to negotiate for joint EU action, the United States and Russia on the Libyan settlement. And now, the new Italian Prime Minister (Paolo Gentiloni led the study, only four months ago) raises the Libyan topic - in talks with Trump. What says Paolo Gentiloni?

"America has played a very important role to Libya did not consolidate a serious base for terrorism. Now, the activities must also be political and, therefore, should be co-operation between Italy and the United States and other partners in order to broaden the base approval Tripoli government. We need, the region needs a stable, unified Libya, because the divided and conflict-stricken Libya would be a worsening factor of instability. "

Behind these calls one cost - Rome wants Washington made an open bid for the unity of Libya. Then the Italians will be able to neutralize the game to consolidate the collapse of the country, which are some of the forces. "Some" - is speaking diplomatically - the reluctance to see Libya single suspect London and partly in Paris. And rightly suspect - although officially Britain and France in favor of the unity of Libya, their intelligence services are working to split the country.

From the published State Department correspondence Hillary Clinton knows that in March 2012-th she sent one of his aides about the intention of the French and British intelligence services divided Libya - in particular the fact that the staff of French intelligence (DGSE) and the British (MI6) conducted intensive work in Libya, to encourage the eastern tribes and civil society activists to the nomination of "soft" requirement of independence from the Tripoli government.

And now there is information that the supporters of the Libyan section supposedly has and surrounded by Trump.

A few days ago The Guardian published a map of Libya, recalling how even before 60-x was divided into three states: Tripolitania in the west, Cyrenaica in the east, and Fezzan in the south (the names and boundaries of the three provinces of the Ottoman Empire). According to the Guardian, one of Trump's advisers (now at the National Security Council) Sebastian Gorka even before the inauguration of Donald Trump proposed to divide Libya into three states, drawing a schematic diagram of the project at a meeting with a senior European diplomat. The publication writes that now Sebastian Gorka seeking the post of the US President's special envoy on Libya.

It is clear that the position of one of the employees of the Trump on Libya does not mean that a similar approach should be followed by other members of his administration and the more he Trump. Nevertheless, it is clear that for the Italians it is important to know the views of the US administration and to prevent Libya section - because the section will make a permanent chaos reigns there.

At a press conference with Paolo Gentiloni Trump said that the two countries successfully cooperate in Afghanistan and are fighting with LIH * in Iraq and Syria. But the question of whether the United States should engage in "restoring order" in Libya, Trump answered in the negative:

"I do not think we should play some role in Libya. The United States and so roles enough. We have a role throughout. We effectively rid the world of LIH. I think this is the main goal, and that is what we are going to do in Iraq, Libya and elsewhere. But the task at some point would be made. And then we can go back home and to rebuild our country - what I intend to do. "

In this response, two things are remarkable. Firstly, the very failure of the US military involvement in Libya's affairs. Even then, Obama acknowledged that participation in the Libyan operation was a mistake - though it meant that the US had no plan for further action, and not the fact of interference in the affairs of vnutriliviyskie. So that Trump was not going to fight in Libya - but his response he makes it clear that resolving the situation in this country is not one of his priorities. That is, it is a European problem - as well as, incidentally, and Ukraine, or rather, the dispute over it with Russia. Trump shifts to Europe's problems - both by itself mainly Europe (Libya), and those in which authorship belongs to the US (Ukraine).

At the same time in the same Libya in US has its interests, and its people. Moreover, just in Libya, there is a possibility the United States and Russia work together - if the two countries come together on how to place a bet on the support of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar controlling the east of the country and has a good chance again to combine all three parts of Libya into a single state. Moscow has openly expressed his support for the Haftarah, but also for the US, it is also not a stranger - he lived in exile in the United States and returned to Libya after 2011 years, too, with the help of the Americans for more than twenty years, this former officer of the Gaddafi army.

But the main thing Trump in a statement on Libya more. This is the reason, which he explained the reluctance to go into the problems of this country. Trump said that he is important to break the LIH, wherever it may be, but when it's over, "then we will be able to return home and to rebuild our country - what I intend to do." That is, the Trump again openly formulate its main goal: the United States too much involved in various business abroad, it is necessary to change this and start their own country.

This is a key element of the doctrine of presidential candidate Donald Trump - and it is the essence of the concept of foreign policy of President Trump. He is doing just that goal - but the methods of achieving it may be different. Including as we have seen in the last couple of weeks - a blow to the Syrian airfield, with the delivery of the situation around North Korea. Trump plays, bluffing, attacks - but it is important not to confuse tactics Trump with his strategy, understand what goals it pursues at the same time. America back home - and this, of course, Russia's national interest.

A source: LOOK

Author: Peter Akopov

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