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"The US is ready to create new alliances": Donald Trump for the first time delivered a speech in Congress

"The US is ready to create new alliances": Donald Trump for the first time delivered a speech in Congress

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Donald Trump gave the keynote speech at the congress. He enumerated the basic principles of his administration, which coincide with his election promises.

The politician said that the health care reform, adopted under Obama, will be canceled, told about the plans to increase the defense budget and to develop US business. In addition, the leader outlined his views on foreign policy - he intends to take decisive action to combat terrorism and cooperate with other countries.

The text translation RT - basic provisions of the speech and the response to the first performance of Trump Congress.

March 01 2017

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Analyzing it Trump, many experts agree that the US president intends to pay more attention to the internal problems of the country. Political analysts point out that his predecessors, Barack Obama and George W. Bush - Jr., sought primarily to be global players. The current president of the United States, by contrast, emphasizes how important it is to respect the sovereignty of other countries and invest in the development of their own country.

The newspaper The New York Times quoted an American Ronaldo Valdez, who voted for Trump: "Most of the president's words on the I liked the fact that we must first take care of the United States. The US has always tried to do everything for others. Our people turned out at the last roles. "

According to a poll of CNN, about 80% of Americans positively assess the speech of the US President in Congress, including 57% perceived performance "very positive."

Americans approve of the words Trump on combating terrorism and the development of the economy, more than 60% supported the statement by the White House tax reform.

At the same time, analysts note that Presidents Obama and Bush for the first speech in Congress got even higher valuation citizens - their support 88% and 91% of Americans, respectively.

Senator from North Dakota, Democrat Heidi Haytkamp supported Trump: "The president said very good speech. She soundly, it articulated the position that Trump is trying to stick to. "

At the same time the US president criticized the Leader of the Democrats in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, who said that Trump words with deeds.

"The difference between his speeches, promises during the election campaign and the reality is huge. So he had the uneasy 40 days, so it will be very difficult remainder of the period. If reality for it does not come into line with the speeches, he will have a big problem, "- he said in an interview Schumer CNN.

The politician rebuked the president that he proclaimed the fight against corruption, and he appointed to important posts in the state of corrupt officials.

Now the Democratic Party of the United States is in the minority in both houses of Congress, but so far the Democrats do not want to cooperate with the new administration.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Trump commented on the statement of the record growth of crime in the city.

"We have repeatedly called on the federal authorities to strengthen law enforcement bodies of the city, pay more attention to federal laws on weapons, to allocate funds for special entertainment program for young people and to create jobs for the summer period, these measures proved to be effective", - said Rahm Emanuel.

He urged the president to move from words to action.

Many experts pointed out that this Trump was aimed at overcoming the differences between the parties. He called on Democrats and Republicans to work together on important bills. On the whole President's speech was quite traditional.

"Surprisingly good, effective speech. I hope President Trump understands that honey he will attract far more bees than vinegar, "- wrote on Twitter Ari Fleischer, former press secretary of the White House.

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said his party is ready to consider immigration reform, which the president said in his speech before Congress.

"All, of course, agree that much needs to be changed in the way we approach legal immigration and illegal immigration is a serious problem", - the politician said on CNN.

Recall, the US President, in his speech stressed that the country will be happy hardworking immigrants, but will not tolerate criminals.

Ex-Governor Steven Beshear of Kentucky announced that Trump ignores the "Russian threat".

"The president ignores the threat to our national security from Russia, which is not our friend, he pushes our allies, who fought side by side with us and our friends are in a dangerous world. His approach reduces the level of our security, and it should concern all Americans who love freedom, "- said Beshear.

According to him, Trump, in his speech "virtually declared war refugees and immigrants." Beshir also promised that Democrats will do everything to protect the country from the abolition of health care reform, Barack Obama.

Minister of Veterans Affairs US Shalkin David did not attend the speech Trump.

It is reported that there was no official in accordance with the security measures in the event of a large-scale attack on the Capitol or other emergency to preserve the continuity of power.

Since the days of the Cold War the United States one of the ministers in the President's speech in Congress harbor in a safe, well-protected place.

In his speech, Trump repeatedly touched US jubilee.

After nine years, the country will celebrate 250 years of independence. This date is the leader called "a great milestone in the history of the world."

Even before the speech in Congress Trump White House officials told Tass that the president will not affect Russia and other specific countries.

At the same time, in his speech the US leader is already mentioned the cooperation with Israel in the context of new sanctions against Iran.

"I have also introduced new sanctions against institutions and individuals supporting Iran's ballistic missile program. And I reiterated our unbreakable alliance with the State of Israel "- the president said.

The American media, in particular the publication Politico,, noted that the speech before Congress Trump was softer than an appeal to the nation on the day of his inauguration in January 20.

Then Republican lashed out at the Obama administration:

"We defended the borders of other states and refused to defend its borders. We have spent trillions of dollars abroad, we enrich others, while they themselves have lost their wealth. Nobody thought of the millions of workers who lost their jobs, but now we are looking only forward, only forward. From now on we will have a new governance principle: America - the first! America - ahead "!

After the speech, Trump continued communication with the congressmen, they shake his hand, congratulate a successful speech.

In addition, in the course of his speech, Donald Trump asked the Congress to pass the bill, which involves the allocation of $ 1 trillion investment in the infrastructure of the country.

"To start the reconstruction of the country I will ask Congress to approve the legislation, which provide $ 1 trillion investment in US infrastructure. It will be both public and private funds that will create millions of jobs, "- said Trump.

The basic principle of its program - to buy American and hire Americans.

This 45-th US President finished his speech in Congress, to the applause, he left the room.

"Think about the wonders that we can achieve" - ​​Trump offered the audience, recalling the achievements of Americans in various fields.

"Give the work and safety of millions - it is not an impossible dream. Create safe streets, which will go to the mother, it is not an impossible dream ", - he said, adding that all this is possible.

"We have to make America great again" - Trump reminded his campaign slogan.

"What America is an ally?" - With the question asked Trump to Congress.

"Our policy dictates to be an active participant in international relations, we support the NATO. Our partners must meet their financial obligations. And they go to their financial obligations. I must report that money went, "- he said the president of the question.

At the same time he pointed out that the United States respects the sovereignty of other countries.

As part of the performance Trump raised the topic of security, stressing that he intends "to provide resources of the armed forces of States, which they deserve."

"I am sending to Congress a budget that will restore our armed forces, eliminate the sequestration of the military budget, and calls to one of the largest in American history, increase military spending," - said the US president, stressing that this unprecedented increase of military forces in the country costs .

Trump said that law enforcement officers are killed for US security. He welcomed the families of the dead police officers present in the meeting room, and stressed that they support the whole country.

"We will never stop fighting for justice and the law, - said the president. - We will honor the memory of the victims. "

"I am instructed to create VOICE department, which will deal with the protection of victims of crime," - said Trump.

"The homicide rate in the United States above all, - said the president. - This is unacceptable".

In order to fight crime, we must work together with the police, and not against them.

Trump then moved to the topic of education, pointing out that all sectors of society should have access to educational institutions.

"I intend to adopt a law on education, which provides funding for the construction of schools for blacks and Hispanics," - he said.

Her father founded the company, which has developed a method of dealing with the serious illness of her daughter.

According to Trump, to do everything necessary to people like Megan, it was easier to get to his feet to recover.

Democrats and Republicans need to unite, stressed Trump. According to him, the parties need to work together on important bills, such as over acts of family protection and protection of women's health.

He presented Megan Crowley - a woman who survived a serious illness.

"The prices are lower, quality higher," - Trump has formulated the task of the new health care reform.

It is necessary to ensure that all Americans have access to insurance and choosing insurance, this plan must be chosen by the Americans themselves, it should not be imposed by the Government, stressed Trump.

"In addition, it is important to allow Americans to buy insurance outside the state," he -ukazal.

"We need to reform the law to reduce the prices of medicines," - the president said. This announcement was greeted with applause.

The US president said that the country refuses to Obamacare.

"The reform will give citizens more choice, reduce costs and improve the quality of medical services, - said Trump. - It is necessary to reduce the price of medical insurance. And we're going to do it. "

In Arizona, according to Trump, the cost of insurance rose by 113%. Trump said that Obama's reform failed.

This US president has repeatedly interrupted by stormy applause. The participants stand in a sign of support for the leader.


Meanwhile, the US president said that the hard-working migrants will be able to become part of the middle class of the country.

"After retiring from the current system of immigration of low-skilled people, and introducing instead a system of selection on the basis of certain qualitative criteria, on the basis of their merits, we get a lot of advantages," - said Trump.

These measures, according to him, "will save countless dollars to raise salaries and to help families, including immigrant families, to become middle class."

"Improvement comes the worst pace in 50 years. Previous administration accumulate more public debt than any before it put together, "- said Trump.

"It is important relief from the tax burden", - assured the president of the United States. He recalled that the company has become difficult to do business in the country.

According to Donald Trump, the need to resolve disputes between the parties to revive the country's economy, "restarted the engine of the American economy."

"According to the Ministry of Justice, the majority of those convicted on charges of terrorism have been committed by visitors," - said Trump.

According to him, the terrorist attacks in the United States and other countries were mainly committed by migrants. Therefore, his administration will scrutinize entering.

Security, crime and jobs - the most important tasks Trump administration.

He again said that it will soon begin construction of the wall on the southern borders of the United States.

Trump expressed support for the Keystone Pipeline and Dakota Access, against which for months protesting US residents.

"The stock market grew by almost 3 trillion. We saved hundreds of millions of dollars in the US budget, "- said Trump. - "We will fight corruption and introduce a five-year moratorium on lobbying by representatives of the executive and a lifetime ban for the representatives of foreign governments. They can not become lobbyists in the United States. "

US President proposed to develop the infrastructure, fight against drugs.

He stressed that he intends to fulfill his campaign promises. Trump said that the largest American companies are ready to create tens of thousands of US jobs.

"America needs to be put on the first place of its citizens. The only way the country can regain its former greatness, "- said Trump.

The president said that the United States has made a lot of mistakes. "We are defending other countries, and our borders are open," - said Trump.

He noted that the standard of living of the middle class and workers in the country has deteriorated.

"Our allies will see that America is once again ready to lead the other countries", - said the US leader.

He appealed to the national pride of the American people and emphasized the US role in the global arena.

Donald Trump said that the torch of freedom and justice brings America. This light, according to the president of the United States, covers the whole world.

"Today begins a new chapter of American history," - said Trump.

Applause sounded in the address of the first lady of the United States.

Congress continues to welcome the head of state with a standing ovation.

Among the guests of the event - the most important US political figures and members of the cabinet Trump and his family, in particular the first lady Melania and daughter Ivanka.

Donald Trump begins his speech in front of Congress. The applause he walks into the courtroom.

The US president will also propose to establish friendly relations with other countries.

"America is ready to make new friends, develop new partnerships where the common interests are the same," - said in the excerpts.

In the order of the journalists we have got some excerpts from a speech by Donald Trump.

"I gave orders to the US Department of Defense to develop a plan to destroy the IG * - leads Tass excerpts from the speech, which extended the press office of the White House. - We will work with our allies, including friends in the Muslim world, to destroy this evil enemy on our planet. "

* "Islamic state" (IG) - a terrorist group which has been banned in Russia.

Sources broadcaster PBS, the White House said that the President will offer to return to the US manned space flight.

Earlier it was reported that Trump will appeal to a wide range of international issues, including the fight against terrorism and the development of economic cooperation with other countries.


White House spokesman Sean Spicer said that Trump in his speech affected by two main aspects.

"The president will affect two main themes: where we are now and where we are going. This will be an opportunity to remind members of Congress and Americans that he promised during the election campaign, he has already made, as well as talk about the problems facing our country, where we are going - this also applies to relations with other countries in the world - and also (talk) about our internal difficulties, "- said Spicer.

It is reported that US President rehearse it in the limo on the way to Congress. American TV channels managed to shoot his motorcade, which has already sent to Capitol Hill.

Meanwhile, in the hall of the Congress meetings already gathering parliamentarians. US Vice President Mike Pence welcomed those present.

It Donald Trump should begin in 05: 00 in Moscow.

According to agency AFP, one of the president's speech the US health care reform will be adopted under President Obama. Earlier, Trump has repeatedly stated on Insolvency Obamacare, and the US Congress has already approved the cancellation of the program.

Health care reform was declared supporters of the Democratic Party as the most important achievement of Barack Obama. But it is the cancellation of this program has become one of the main election promises of Donald Trump. It was supported by many members of the middle class and people of Rust Belt - the part of America, where concentrated its main production facilities and where the high price of health care services severely hit on the wallet citizens.

For over 80 years presidential address to Congress referred to as the "State of the Union", but this name is formally - topics that the Turkmen leader raises in his message, may relate, for example, foreign or domestic policy.

Recall, the speech of the government before the congressmen - a long tradition of the United States. It was founded the first American president George Washington and since then strictly observed.

Hello, dear readers RT. In Moscow, early morning and late evening in Washington. We begin translation of the text of the US Congress, where Donald Trump will make a keynote speech.

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