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The US and IGIL reacted in their own way to the successes of Assad at the front

The fronts of Syria are full of important news. Government troops quickly and clearly destroyed a large group of IGIL * in the southeast of Aleppo. Against this background, the jihadists stepped up their terror against civilians, and the US - the propaganda pressure on Damascus. Separate line is the liquidation of one of the leaders of IGIL - a very remarkable person born in Kosovo.

As early as Friday, parts of the Syrian army and the National Defense Forces launched an offensive along convergent tracks along the Salamia-Rakka highway and blocked the grouping of IGIL * near the town of Hanasher. At the same time, the government forces did not stop to regroup, as it often did before, but almost immediately began an operation to destroy the "boiler" formed with the support of tanks, artillery and aviation.

On Sunday, the SAA crushed the positions of Islamists simultaneously from the northwest (Highlands Shbit) and the northeast (Highlands of Mascagna). A kind of innovation can be considered active use of bulldozers, which immediately after the advance of the first line were taken to build temporary trenches to repel possible counterattacks.

By Monday morning, government troops occupied all the highlands of the Shbits and more than 15 settlements in the northern part of the "cauldron". After that part of the jihadists began to break through the route Salamia - Rakka in the direction of Deir ez Zor. Some of them were destroyed, some realized. In any case, by the evening the grouping of IGIL near Khanashera ceased to exist.

In parallel, a thriller with chases and explosions unfolded in the center of Damascus. The security forces identified three vehicles in which suicide bombers were moving. As a result of the chase, they, as expressed by the Syrian state security, "were destroyed remotely." The third suicide bomber reached Tahrir Square between the areas Bab al-Salam and al-Kussur, where he blew up. Killed 20 people, mostly random passers-by.

The growth of terrorist activity of jihadists was predicted in view of a new round of negotiations on an inter-Syrian settlement in both Astana and Geneva. The Syrian government has already confirmed its willingness to participate in it, but the opposition is still bargaining. The destabilization of the general atmosphere, for example in Damascus through terrorist attacks, is a customary step for them in the context of increasing their own significance.

On Monday, with an hour and a half difference, there were mutually exclusive statements about who can lead the delegation of the Asadobors in Astana. First, with reference to Arab sources, it was categorically stated that the former compromise leader of the delegation, Muhammad Allush, refused to come to the capital of Kazakhstan at all. But then the representative of the Kazakh Foreign Ministry also categorically stated that Allush not only will come, but will also lead the opposition delegation. This is just one example of the ongoing conflicts within the opposition delegation.

Approximately from the same opera and activation of information pressure on Damascus and Moscow through the textbook theme of chemical weapons. There is no point in repeating the arguments against, especially since Washington's statements on this matter are mostly speculative. It is necessary to understand only that the Kurdish-American advancement in Rakka has been stalled, and on the eve of Astana and Geneva to shift attention to a certain "chemical threat" from the propaganda point of view is quite justified.

By the way, the American marines from the 11 expedition unit posted a video on the Internet, which fires on Rakka from towed howitzers. In this case, the machines are located in stationary shelters, therefore, they fire through the spotter, and not by direct fire. What they can get there in such a situation - God only knows. But even the Pentagon recognizes losses among civilians.

By the middle of the same day, the Syrian command announced a unilateral cease-fire on the Southern Front (Kuneitra, Deraa and Suweida provinces), that is, where a direct clash with pro-American forces is theoretically possible (a typical example is a number of sections of the border with Jordan). In addition, this area is very concerned about Israel, the most influential lobbyist in the current US government.

This internal truce is within the framework of negotiations in Astana and will not affect the situation in Palmira and Rakki. At the same time, no one will cancel the fighting near Damascus - in the Gobar district.

At the same time, on the other side of the front - in the province of Idlib - the elite brigade "Tigers" with the participation of Russian special forces killed one of the young leaders of IGIL - Abu Abdullah al-Kosova, named at the birth in the town of Kachanik by Lavdim Muhajeri. The real name and surname also testify to the mind of the parents (as if the Albanian Lavdrimi is from the English love dream), and about ethnic origin. Surname Muhajeri in Kosovo is the descendants of Circassians who left the North Caucasus after his subjugation by Russia within the framework of the so-called Mukhajirism - the mass and authorized by the imperial power of migration to Turkey of those Circassian tribes who did not accept the Russian tsar. The Turks used Circassian Muhajirs as a "border guards" in problem regions. They were resettled mainly in Palestine, on the Golan Heights, on the territory of modern Jordan and Syria, and also in Kosovo.

In Jordan, Circassians still form the backbone of the royal guard, in Syria bravely defended the Golan Heights and even in Israel enjoy the right to serve in the army. In Kosovo they were divided into two unequal parts. Most remained in the soul of the Circassians, at the first convenient opportunity (NATO attack on Yugoslavia) was asked to return to the historical homeland and the forces of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations were moved to Adygea and the Krasnodar Territory, where he still lives. But the town of Kachanyk on the border with Macedonia has undergone a strong Islamization and Albanization. The Muhajers there have long considered themselves Albanians and "more correct Muslims" than many others.

One Kachanik gave about 3,5 thousand volunteers in the ranks of IGIL, from which Lovdrim stood out as a special demoniac. He gained fame after promulgating the video, where this "volunteer" cuts off the head of a Syrian child. There is evidence that he volunteered to be executed by Christians, Shiites and Alawites.

Muhajeri graduated only from high school, but successfully performed with charismatic theatrical preaching not only in Kosovo, but also among the Arabs. He spoke thus in English. A special piquancy of the situation is attached to the fact that this ogre served for a long time at the US military base Bondsteel in Kosovo, where it fell just due to a good level of English. He had no military training, he worked as an interpreter at Bondsteel, but he was considered an expert at IGIL, because he knew the organization and habits of Americans from the inside.

The Albanians themselves confirm the death of Lavdrim, and the first of the witnesses is his own brother, Bairam Muhajeri. He posted on his Facebook page the following text: "Salam alleykum brothers should inform you that my brother Lovdrymi became an inshallah martyr. Amen". Several Kosovo media outlets quickly released reports about "how he was a guy", but the authorities deliberately prefer to distance themselves from both Albanian militants in IGIL and the situation in Kachanyk in particular. Moreover, the authorities of Kosovo have already received reproaches because they can not control the "flow from Kachanyk". Earlier in Syria, the Kosovo Imam IGIL Ridvan Khakifi and about fifty Kosovars, who fought on the side of the jihadists, were destroyed.

A source: LOOK

Author: Eugene Kroutikov

Tags: Syria, War in the Middle East, Army, IG, Militants, Terrorism, Analytics, USA

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