Today: January 21 2019
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US urged not to help restore the Syrian-controlled Assad

US urged not to help restore the Syrian-controlled Assad

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The US, the EU, and their "regional partners" will not participate in the reconstruction efforts in Syria, controlled by Damascus, State Secretary Rex Tillerson said.

Washington urged "to follow the same example" and other countries. The American side is going to dissuade the states from any economic ties with the Syrian authorities, Tass reports.

The US plans to call for "international cooperation to restore" those territories that were under the control of the coalition led by them and its "local partners".

Tillerson said that only the withdrawal of Syrian President Bashar Assad "through the process under the auspices of the UN will create conditions for a long-term peace in Syria." In this case, the head of the State Department argues that US stabilization measures "are not synonymous with endless national construction," RIA Novosti reports.

"As soon as Assad leaves power, the US will be happy to insist on normalization of economic relations between Syria and other states," Tillerson said.

The Secretary of State said that the "new strategy" of the White House in Syria "is mainly to expand diplomatic activities." According to him, the US "military and diplomatic presence" of the US in Syria is necessary for the "end of the conflict" and is important for the "national interests of the United States."

He said that the US will maintain its presence in Syria until the final defeat of the terrorist organization "Islamic State." At the same time, Tillerson said that "IG * is already alone in the grave," and the US military presence will "ensure" that the IG "will be there and the other leg." According to Tillerson, "Physically the" Caliphate "IG with the capital in Rakka was destroyed," but the group itself has not yet been defeated.

The United States said that the Syrian authorities control about 50% of the country's territory. None of the parties involved in the conflict is able to unite Syria by force, the Secretary of State said, urging the expansion of de-escalation zones in Syria.

In addition, Tillerson believes that Moscow should increase pressure on Damascus, since, according to the head of the State Department, Assad "considers Russia a guarantor of its security." Tillerson also said that to "ensure the future of Syria" it is necessary to cooperate with Turkey. He said he understands Turkey's concerns.

The US promised to resist the influence of Iran in Syria. Tillerson accused Tehran of trying to build a "land arch" through Syria, gain control over the territories of Syria and Iraq, to ​​connect Iran with the areas of compact residence of Syrian and Iraqi Shiites, as well as with Lebanon.

Recall, Washington, in fact, began to build a new quasi-state - the Syrian Kurdistan - and is already preparing security forces to protect the borders. The news of the creation by the Americans of the "army to protect the borders of Syria" was apprehended both in Damascus and in Ankara.

Anton Antonov
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